Companies Striving for Consistent & Dynamic Brand Strategy Can Rely on Branding Agency, Lambie-Nairn


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2017 -- What does it take to become a powerful, trusted brand in today's global economy? It takes the know-how and the experience of a corporate branding company such as Lambie-Nairn. Companies that are striving for a consistent and dynamic brand strategy can rely on the branding agency, Lambie-Nairn for their innovative techniques and award-winning skills. Characterized as one of the best branding agencies on the planet, this brand management company has helped powerful brands become even more powerful, and small brands gain global recognition.

A representative of the branding agency, Lambie-Nairn talked about their consistent and dynamic brand strategies, "Our research with Millward Brown BrandZ, taking 10 years of valuation data from the world's top 100 brands, shows that brands perceived by consumers to have strong advertising, but weaker branding, grew in value by just 27% over the decade. In stark contrast, brands that are perceived to have strong advertising and strong branding, grew by a staggering 168%. That is a remarkable difference and an even more remarkable finding on the power and value that great branding brings. If you are interested in creating a consistent and dynamic brand strategy, contact one of our many office locations today."

About Lambie-Nairn
Multi award-winning, international creative brand agency Lambie-Nairn have a track record of over 40 years design, delivery and management of dynamic brands which reshape categories and have the strength to flex and evolve with market environments. Part of the WPP group, Lambie-Nairn is headquartered in London, with offices across Europe, UAE and Latin America. Lambie-Nairn clients include Telefónica, O2, STC, Airbus, International Olympic Committee, JLL, Invictus Games, UCL, Channel 4 and Euronews amongst many others.

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