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Company Announces Availability of Natural Indigo Powder for Detoxification of Blood

With excellent medicinal properties, the herbal indigo powder or Indigo Naturalis supplied by ChinWon Biotech is an important ingredient in many creams and ointments.


Xi'an, Shaanxi -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2017 -- In many industries, the synthetic indigo powder is widely used, although the natural indigo powder extracted from the Baphicacanthus cusia plant has several medicinal properties. The herbal indigo powder can be used in several types of creams, ointments, and soaps used to treat psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases.

According to the spokesperson of the ChinWon Biotech, there are several companies that procure pure Indigo Naturalis form them for manufacturing skin care solutions and cosmetics. ChinWon has a rich natural source of Indigo Powder in China and maintains a ready stock of the product. They adopt a traditional and proven way of extracting the indigo powder from the leaves of the Baphicacanthus cusia plant. The spokesperson reveals that they dry the leaves in the sun throughout the year and ferment it the lime water for 72 hours. Due to such a rigorous process, they can extract the purest form of the indigo powder.

The company claims to supply the purest Indigo Naturalis that are suitable for providing effective results when used in skin care products. The spokesperson reveals that the natural indigo powder is safe for both external and internal use. It's free from chemical as they don't use any chemical while processing the leaves of the Indigo plant. It is a kind of traditional herbal medicine that has no side effects and can treat several kinds of skin and other ailments.

Besides in the skin care products, the pure indigo powder also has its wide applications in the dye-making industry. It can be used for natural dyeing of clothes and also as a hair dye. Since the natural indigo powder has no traces of the chemical, it does not harm the human skin. Besides, it can also be used for the detoxification of blood and the natural healing of the liver, lungs, and stomach. To know more about the natural indigo powder and to procure it in bulk, one can visit the website http://www.chinwonbio.com.

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ChinWon Biotech, founded in 2009, is located in the Shaan Xi Province, China, which is close to big Mountain "Qinling", a rich source of a variety of herbs with natural water. Besides taking full advantage of local abundant plant resources and natural water, ChinWon holds the innovative technologies of plant extract and synthesis process, equipped with own lab and research center to make all the products pure and effective. All ingredients contain the lowest content of heavy metals, and fully meet the requirement of USP/ BP /EP standard, widely applied in pharmaceutical, food & beverages, cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, daily chemical and agricultural chemical industries.

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