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Company Announces Availability of Oxygen & Nitrogen Compressors for Global Industrial Clients

China based Anqing Bailian Oil Free Air Compressor Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of air compressors, oxygen and nitrogen compressors and boosters. The company can supply high pressure oxygen and nitrogen equipments to their customers all across the world.


Anqing City, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2016 -- Anqing City, Anhui Province, China; 25, January 2016: The Chinese Air Compressor Company has a variety of oxygen and nitrogen compressors to meet their clients' air or gas compression needs. These compressors are used for filling empty gas cylinders or tanks. The company has oil free compressors that are efficient for filling depleted oxygen tanks and can save space while refilling tanks.

The oxygen compressor when connected to an oxygen supply with sufficient oxygen flowing through the pipes, it can refill the tanks quickly without the need of an extra power supply. According to the company spokesperson, they manufacture compressors with the latest pressure swing adsorption technology and which have varied healthcare as well as industrial applications. They make sure that the pressurized oxygen is filled safely in tanks to be kept in homes, clinics and other facilities. Moreover, their technology serves the basis of an economical source to provide oxygen for industrial processes.

Industrial clients can procure the oxygen booster from the company to make sure an efficient use of the oxygen tanks. A booster allows pumping down of the oxygen to the maximum limits and one can get the best value for money. There is no need to return the tank without emptying it to the lowest possible levels. The booster can allow the transfer of the gas to another low pressure bottle. The booster is an easy to install unit that can be mounted on a wall or a bench and it will keep doing its intended task.

Like oxygen compressors, the company also supplies the nitrogen compressor, available in a wide variety of capacities. These compressors are designed for multiple applications and can be used for filling or refilling of nitrogen tanks. With a rapid pressure swing technique, the compressors are available in different models. A client can pick the right model with accessories for their nitrogen gas filling task, available at great prices and with quick delivery.

Anqing Bailian Oil Free Air Compressor Co. Ltd. can supply any of these compressors on an immediate basis. To place an order, one may visit the website

About Anqing Bailian Oil Free Air Compressor Co. Ltd.
The company was established in 1995, and is located in the historical and cultural city of Anqing in the Anhui Province of China. The company is a professional manufacturer of high-pressure oil free compressors, oxygen compressor, oxygen booster, nitrogen compressor, hydrogen compressor, carbon dioxide compressor, argon gas compressors, helium compressors, ammonia compressors, boosters, special gas compressors etc.

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