Company Announces Launch of Public Beta Website for Couples


Mississauga, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2012 -- Luvmor is set to announce the launch of the first public beta release of its website, a free service created for people who are in a relationship. The website provides couples with a private and safe place to store all things related to their romantic relationship.

When explaining how he came up with the concept, the founder, Cassio Mosqueira, said "I was having a hard time keeping track of the history I was building with my partner. Our pictures were scattered across our laptops, phones and Instagram; our ongoing communication was a mix of emails, Facebook messages and love notes written on scraps of paper. We couldn't remember exactly when we had our first kiss or when things got more serious. I felt like important moments of my life were being forgotten. That's when we came up with the idea of having one place in the cloud where we could keep all things related to our relationship."

Luvmor users are able to store memories in all sorts of ways on their timeline, like importing their Instagram pictures, uploading videos and photos, recording voice or video messages, creating mixed tapes, writing love letters or quick notes to each other, etc.

Besides keeping a timeline of one’s relationship, Luvmor offers tools that help couples communicate better, like discovery questions, shared calendar, shared to-do lists, special dates reminders, a virtual vision board, etc.

When asked about why he built a privacy oriented service when the trend nowadays is to make everything social, Cassio said “I think there is an increasing demand for privacy, specially when it comes to romantic relationships, however, we know that some people want to show certain aspects of their relationship, that’s why on Luvmor users can consciously choose what they share”

The Canadian company also stated that the Luvmor mobile app is being developed and will also be announced soon.

People can go to to register for a free account today. Once a user signs up, they can invite their partner and begin to build their timeline together.

About Luvmor
Luvmor is a cloud service created specially for couples. Their mission is to improve and strengthen romantic relationships by offering a private and safe location to store memories, celebrate, communicate, and expand their connection. For more information visit the website:

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