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Company Exhibits Amazing Craftsmanship in Its Collection of Breakfast Gift Baskets

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Bridgeport, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- The idea of ‘breakfast in bed’ is quite alluring to many. It is the joy of getting to enjoy luxury and pure taste in a warm, cozy bed first thing in the morning. Now, the same is not a luxury anymore. has made breakfast gift baskets accessible to customers everywhere. The company brings forward some of the best assortment of gift baskets that can make any morning special.

Breakfast gift baskets come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Some are fabric lined while some are made from high quality wood. Whatever is the kind of basket one wishes to choose, they can expect to get the most exclusive looking basket to make their loved one feel pampered. With most other companies that offer gift baskets, what is inside matters the most. But, here, the attention to detail it out of this world as the company takes care of every small aspect; making it a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

At there is plenty to choose from. There are breakfast in bed baskets, season inspired collections, country selections that make the perfect gift idea for anyone who is planning to surprise their loved one. Breakfast gift baskets feature handpicked breakfast goodies, baked items, preserves, cheeses, coffee, tea, cocoa, drink mixes and a host of other items that suit every taste and occasion.

And, for those who would like to make the basket extra special or remind their loved one of the seasonal joy, there are customized baskets that depict the best moments of the season. At it is about creating a unique basket for every unique customer out there. It is about creating an experience rather than meeting the standard gifting protocol.

In addition to the kind of attention that goes into putting every basket together, the company also takes care of delivery by ensuring the basket reaches the person intended on time. Also, customers can choose the free ground delivery option to plan their delivery within a week.

Breakfast gift baskets are just one tiny portion of the huge selection of gift baskets the website offers. Birthdays, special occasions, anniversaries, holidays, the website has it all covered! Coupon Code GBJ005 - $5 off order and Free UPS Ground Shipping on all orders. To know more, log onto

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