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Rugao, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2017 -- AQUA(JS) Environmental Technical Co.,Ltd, a manufacturer of durable carbon fridge filters based in Rugao (China) for Samsung, LG and other major brands, highlights its multi-layer products with strong anti-bacterial features.

Refrigeration experts from AQF helps to remove some pollutants such as chlorine and other compounds that come with tap water produced by local treatment facilities. These filters must be in good condition and not overused. Otherwise, the gadget can possibly extricate some of the trapped impurities back into the drinking water.

AQF carbon filters are made up of a reliable brand "Drink Up" and are NSF42 certified. The Standard 42 certification from National Sanitation Foundation International (NSFI) are meant to reduce non-health related toxins like taste, odor, particulates, and chlorine. Said, filters are sorted out according to performance class. With regards to taste and odor, this category stands for efficiency in chlorine reduction. NSF is a non-profit organization that promotes good hygiene.

The "Drink Up" carbon filters has the capacity to eliminate 99 percent of chlorine, unpleasant smell and color. It also provides free home maintenance for its customers. The company says it strives to guarantee high quality, excellent service and fair price. Some of its key products include the AQF-011DA and AQF-013SS for Samsung refrigerators.

Carbon filtration is the major substance utilized in water filtration techniques particularly because this compound has the capability to absorb numerous chemicals in water.

Charcoal is a form of carbon that takes up many of these noxious compounds. Granular-activated carbon draws impurities and other chemicals that cause the undesirable taste and smell once the water passes through the activated charcoal. This is the time, particles are taken out. Different types of bacteria can be caught and multiply quickly so these refrigerator filters are really essential.

The solid carbon block filter is the latest variety of more permeable carbon-based filtering device. It consists of sturdy blocks that swallows up such pollutants from water. It takes longer for water to filter through carbon blocks compared to granules. This allows more time for absorption of impurities that endanger the health of people.

Homeowners must remember that it is necessary to change these filters at least once every six months. Otherwise, toxins can soak or drench the filter forcing the small apparatus to leak back unhealthy fragments back to treated water. In fact, the water output may hold more contaminated particles than what the filter should get rid of in the first place.

Aside from the contamination problem, failure to replace the filter on the prescribed date may lessen water pressure right in the filtration system. As a result, this mechanism will not function properly.

AQF is based in No.1 North of HongQi Bridge, YiShou Road, Rugao, China. Interested consumers can go through the company website at for more information. They can also call business phone numbers at +86 513 87206118 or send an email to for additional inquiries.

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