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Company Gets 180% Increase in Daily Traffic to Their Website


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Increasing the volume of traffic received by a website is a challenging task. Not every business finds success when attempting to make the move online. One of such companies facing this issue got more than they expected when they signed up for Top3 Media’s SEO services package.

Top3 Media is a leading Internet marketing company based in Singapore. The company offers search engine marketing services as well as SEO services, web analytics and web design services. It is one of the leading all-round Internet marketing companies available in Singapore.

While many Internet marketing companies believe that SEO is dead, Top3 Media specialises in providing SEO services to clients. Quite recently, one of its clients, a small business, approached it with a problem. The business’ website was receiving only 10 to 20 visitors daily. While this may sound like the website was doing all right to some people, it was barely enough for a company that depended on its online presence for business.

When the company approached Top3 Media with this issue, they analysed the root cause of the problem and concluded that a Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign would be the most effective in helping the site get much needed traffic. While PPC is effective in directing targeted traffic in a short time, it costs a lot more than SEO.

SEO remains one of the most effective ways to attract targeted traffic to your website for the long term. While this local SEO Company offered PPC services, it advised its client to take on a more comprehensive SEO services package instead of relying on PPC if it wanted to spend less for the same results.

The results of the campaign that Top3 Media implemented is evidence that search engine optimization still is the best option for companies looking to drive high traffic volumes to its website. The business’ website saw an increase in traffic from 10 to 20 visits daily to over 200 visitors daily.

In addition to this, the company spent much less than it would have with a PPC campaign to get the same results. Top3 Media’s SEO services are affordable for small businesses. The design of these services is such that they deliver results, while fitting into different budgets.

Search engine optimization continues to be the Internet marketing tool of choice with Top3 Media. The SEO Company combines this effective Internet marketing service with other Internet marketing tools such as AdWords, excellent web design, branding, and analytics to ensure that its clients maximise the potential of their websites.

About Top3 SEO Services Singapore is a Singapore based SEO company that offers search engine optimization services, free penalty removal services and free SEO analysis services, among other premium SEO services. It helps clients whose websites have suffered from Google penalties as well as help rank websites on the search engines. All its SEO services are white hat meaning that you do not have to worry about blacklisting or even banning by Google.

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