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Company Helps People Achieve Dream of Owning a Business


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2011 -- With the economy struggling and millions of people out of work, the thought of owning a business is suddenly more appealing than ever.

But what kind of business would be best to own? How does one even go about starting a company? Would a franchise be the way to go? Questions like these can prevent potential successful entrepreneurs from taking that all-important first step towards owning their own business.

Recently, a website has received a lot of attention for its ability to help people start their own business franchise and get on the road to financial freedom. ACN Inc., the worldwide leader in direct selling of telecommunications home and business based equipment, has helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach their goals of business ownership.

ACN, which stands for American Communications Network, has been in business for over 10 years and over time has grown rapidly, just as the United States economy has faltered.

Operating in 23 countries spread over four continents, ACN Inc. has revenues of more than $550 million. To date, about 200,000 people have achieved their goals of being independent business owners through ACN Inc.

“Everybody from mortgage brokers to blue collar workers who are struggling to find a way to make ends meet are joining the ACN Inc network and learn about becoming a senior vice president and beyond, with their work force you can finally find a much better life for themselves,” said company spokesperson Rich Ru.

As the website explained, owning a business that specializes in telecommunications home and business based equipment is a savvy choice because these types of products are used by virtually everyone, every day.

From home security systems, cable television, WiMAX, internet services and state-of-the-art telephone video conferencing systems, Ru said ACN Inc. specializes in “practical everyday services that are used by everybody in the world.”

The fee to start up a business franchise through ACN Inc. is just $500, Ru said, which also includes access to free online training, marketing materials, a personalized online store, and social media support.

The comprehensive training that ACN Inc. provides its clients also includes Your Business Assistant tools, which features a constantly updated piquing personalized website, ACN Inc.- branded email, text alerts, training DVDs and more.

“What other business can you own for that kind of price?” Ru asked? “Not many at all and zero with the earnings potential that ACN has.”

For more information on ACN Inc., please visit http://www.acnincv.com