Company Introduces a Quick $3,500 Offer on Bad Credit Payday Loans Guaranteed Approval is now in a position to issue quick cash amounting to $3,500 to persons looking for temporary financial assistance. Applying for this offer on bad credit payday loans guaranteed approval will be 100% online.

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- Payday advances are among the major packages available at and these have been helping people to get credit financing against their incomes. With this new offer, they will now be sending in their applications with an assurance of getting the specified amount of cash. It is therefore a product that applicants will be relying on every time they are faced with a quick situation.

People will be obtaining the cash on bad credit payday loans guaranteed approval with ease since the major requirement will be to have a stable income source. There is no application which will be rejected due to a poor credit score and the loan providers will be considering applicants without asking them to deposit security. Everyone going for this offer should be having at least 18 years of age.

Apart from guaranteed approval, people in emergency situations should also consider this offer since they will be getting financing within a very short time of submitting their applications. The lenders have expressed their commitment to ensure that every person is sorted out within 6 hours. They will be using direct wire transfer to ensure that applicants are able to access the cash shortly after approval.

With some sources, consumers are supposed to settle their payday advances on receiving their paychecks and this has been posing a challenge for low income earners. This will not be the case with this offer and people will be having a couple of months to repay their debts on bad credit payday loans guaranteed approval. Most of them will therefore be keeping their credit sheets clean.

The spokesperson who witnessed the launch of this guaranteed offer summarized his statement by saying that, “After being in the lending market for over two years, we noticed that some people were facing challenges in trying to handle their urgent situations in time. We have now come up with a perfect solution to this and such persons can now start submitting their applications. We have dozens of lenders who will be responding to inquiries.”

The company is just about to celebrate its second anniversary in the lending market where it has managed to bring together dozens of highly reliable loan providers. This has been making it easy for people to apply for various loan packages since they are only required to submit some few details. For bad credit payday loans guaranteed approval and other packages, visit