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Company Makes Bold Move in Developing a Weight Loss System for Women Only


East Hampton, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- The Venus Factor that is developing as a standout among the most discussed “how to lose weight and keep it off” idea for ladies due to its potential of reshaping the female figure. Venus Factor has received the consideration of, provoking an investigative review of the Venus Factor system.

“The Venus Factor Review is a summary of the weight loss and figure re-shaping program. This 12-week work out schedule is divided into three stages, each of which is four weeks in length,” reports an executive from

Throughout each of the stages, women will have access to the complete manual with pictures, demonstrations, and videos that they can utilize to gain an awareness of a particular workout.

The parts that make up the Venus Factor are primarily the diet and the manual, which reveals how to lose weight fast. The program also incorporates digital nutritional programing applications that will compute caloric and protein needs on a daily basis.

Additionally, Venus Factor offers an online neighborhood where clients can meet with one another and share results, ask questions, etc. Furthermore, the Venus Factor Podcast incorporates weight reduction testimonials based upon what has worked for others in the Venus Factor program.

“The workout regime of Venus Factor is made up of an arrangement of weight lifting and quality workouts. The objective is to chisel one’s body by toning and trimming muscles to bring about that hour-glass figure,” asserts a representative of

A further statement from affirms, “The Venus Factor is a simple system that allows for easily adaptability for all levels of fitness. What I truly like most about the Venus Factor is how the system illustrates the distinctive hang-ups that women entertain when they are seeking to lose weight and keep it off, and helps to re-program those thoughts.

Also, the eating plan included in the Venus Factor is not difficult to implement, and it allows for a more well rounded affect of the Venus Factor workout plan as well. “It truly is the most efficient way for women to lose weight and keep it off,” states a representative of

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