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Company Offers Free Cell Phone Service With Residual Income

Lightyear Wireless allows customers to get their cell phone service for free and earn residual income when they teach other people to get their cell phone service for free.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- Cell phones are a major part of life in today’s world. Everyone has a cell phone and everyone needs a cell phone. The world today is rapidly changing and the pace is getting faster. Communication is more important now than ever. People need to be in constant communication with loved ones at home, colleagues and customers in work and business. Gone are the days when people used to depend on telegrams and snail mail for communication. People nowadays are also always on the go. Communication needs to be portable and this portability cannot be provided by landline telephones. Cell phones will always be an essential part of life, no matter what the economy looks like and of course a constant bill for people as well. The economy now may not be so good but people will still be paying cell phone bills anyway. Lightyear Wireless realizes this need and trend and has come up with a too good to be true opportunity for everyone who uses a cell phone – getting cell phone services for free and being able to earn residual income at the same time. People pay to use a cell phone service, but this time people can get paid to use a cell phone service.

Lightyear Wireless is a cell phone service company that allows people to avail of inexpensive cell phone plans and unlimited cell phone plans. Aside from great cell phone plan deals, the company also gives them an opportunity to own their own wireless cell phone business. Their website or Automatic Cell Phone Wealth System has a 3 minute video that gives an over view of the company and how to make money with one’s personal cell phone. The video will also mention to fill up the form at the lower right side of the web page to access another brief video that will answer questions that people might have, teach people how to get started with their cell phone business and teach other people how to start their wireless cell phone business as well.

About Automatic Cell Phone Wealth System
Automatic Cell Phone Wealth System was created as an opportunity for people to earn using money that they spend on their cell phone services. People spend on cell phone services anyway, no matter what the economy looks like, so they might as well make money on something they are spending on anyway. For more information, contact Paul Wilde at or at 7324561106.