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Company Plumber in DC Goes Commercial

Plumber in DC, a plumbing company in the Washington D.C. area, now offers commercial plumbing.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2016 -- Plumber in DC, a plumbing company in the Washington D.C. area, announced that they are licensed for commercial plumbing. The pipes and the structures that give support for modern day systems and rely on those pipes differ for residential verses commercial plumbing. A commercial plumber will be required to understand different codes and requirements than what may be necessary for a residential plumber. Commercial plumbing will take more use and often more abuse. It will have to handle higher water pressures and be sturdier for dozens, if not hundreds of uses every day. And it may require different permits to handle, different materials to fix, and a variety of installation processes that simply don't matter in the average residential household. A commercial plumber may also have additional responsibilities such as laying out the system for a brand new apartment complex in its beginning stages. Plumber in DC is now able to handle this type of plumbing.

Plumber in DC is a family owned and operated company that has over twenty-five years experience in the D.C. area. They offer plumbing, sewer and drain, water heater, remodeling, and emergency plumbing services. They deal with leaks, clogs, and broke or burst pipes. They share tips with their customers for sealing pipes and leaks and they spot small problems quickly that could potentially turn into bigger ones.

Plumbing is becoming a popular and varied business. On average, the annual increase of plumbers needed in the United States is about three thousand, to keep up with the growing demand of businesses. Plumbers work in all types of buildings, including: houses, apartments, cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs, airports, planes, trains, stations, colleges, schools factories, hospitals, ships and more. Plumbers deal with cold and hot water supply to bathrooms and kitchens. They maintenance central heating systems and gas or oil supply systems, as well as above ground drainage systems. They deal with fitting the piping systems that carry water around the building, and are involved with keeping the inside of the building dry by fitting gutters and sheet lead weathering's to chimneys and roofs. There is never a shortage of work only a shortage of qualified plumbers. Plumbers are in demand and growing every year, however, it is still difficult to find honest plumbers who don't overcharge and who are qualified, skilled, and certified, not to mention insured. Plumber In DC meets all of these requirements.

Plumbing in DC claims integrity and honesty when dealing with customers. They have a high percentage of returning clients, and pride themselves on long term customer relationships. The company only employs licensed master plumbers and requires certification for their technician's. Technicians with this certificate have high quality capability and experience. This training requires the plumber to have completed the training and education to become a journeyman plumber. The certification is acquired after three or more years of experience and a test is taken. Plumbing in DC offers all of their services to both residential and commercial clients.

More information can be sound on their website:

Plumber in DC
620 Park Road NW #22
Washington, DC 20010