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Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- Fileburst provides premium and robust file hosting services that are specialized for all the software as well as gaming publishers. Basically understanding the requirements of individuals when it comes to performance, reliability and security, the best of everything is provided at pricing that’s completely affordable. The cloud file hosting or robust file hosting introduced by this company has more features including in it now.

With the new features included in the file hosting services, one can manage software downloads in a better and faster manner, not depending on the size of the file. Since all the download will be cached across the five continents, the users who are downloading the file can choose that company cache server that’s convenient dependent on their location.

The cloud hosting services come at prices as low as $49 per month, and individuals can gain access to global content delivery system that has been used by some of the top companies of today like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. The low cost doesn’t compensate on the speed, and individuals can still operate and download files at escalating speeds.

There are many highlights that are featured in the cloud hosting provided by Fileburst. The performance improvement is massive compared to the previous versions of file hosting provided. The capacity of the hosting provided is unlimited, and due to the software releases, the traffic onto the website will also increase. Security protection is offered to the software, so the downloading can be done from only certain domains or countries. There are no hidden charges involved other than the monthly payment.

With cloud hosting services, one can upload files in an easy manner. With the updated statistics provided on a daily manner, one can analyze the raw logs. Also, since large file support is provided, there are lots of space for storing large video content and disk images. The activation of cloud hosting is also pretty fast, in a matter of just ten minutes, one can get on working with it. If there are any doubts, one can always call in the customer care of Fileburst, who provides services throughout the day, all round the week.

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About Fileburst
Formed in 2002 to set a new standard for premium managed file hosting, Fileburst provides a superior cloud file hosting environment through its proprietary control panel system, innovative features, global CDN networks, and fast 24/7 customer service.

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