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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- Car insurance is probably high up on a car owner’s list of expenses. It is an expense that cannot be avoided, it is a necessary evil. That said one doesn’t have to bow down to the terms and conditions of any insurance company that offers insurance plans. There is an easy way out, and that is using the option to compare car insurance online.

Getting quotes online streamlines the process of selection. Using online tools helps a prospective customer get through the process with a clear head. This eliminates the traditional flaws of the selection process. Car insurance traditionally was promoted by a sales rep. Even today this approach is used to give the sale a personal touch. The problem with this approach is that it unnecessarily confuses the customer and influences him to think in one direction.

This is where online comparison of insurance plans proves to be the best solution. Since this comparison is done person to person, the scope for external influence is minimized. Also, the person willing to compare car insurance online goes ahead with the process with no prior impression. This gives the individual an opportunity to look at other plans and explore other avenues that might prove to be less expensive than the insurance plan on mind. This way chances to find a cheap car insurance plan in the market also increase.

Insurance customers must track their search results and analyze if the source they use is worth the effort. Today, there are literally dozens of websites that let a buyer compare car insurance online. 9 out of 10 websites do not provide apples to apples comparison. provides a hassle free comparison tool and sees to it that the buyer actually benefits in terms of finding a cheap car insurance plan using the help of the website.

A feature that helps the most is that using this website one can compare car insurance by state. This makes a great option for people travel a lot or like upgrading their car now and then. For a student too the option of being able to compare car insurance by state helps find the best deal possible. This option helps a student know exactly how much he has to spend on car insurance and how he can budget for it.

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