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Comparison Website Launches Due to Increase in Electricity Rates in the UK


Rochdale, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2013 -- As the mercury in the thermometer drops, and unusually low temperatures forecast to stay, business commercial customers will see a surge in their bills.

Meteorologists in the UK recently announced temperatures for the country are expected to stay unseasonably low for at least the next two weeks. Electric and gas utilities have already reported seeing an increase in demand in comparison to last year. For businesses in an already weakened economy this could be the tipping point which pushes them over the edge, high January electric charges coupled with continued increases in the rates to pay for the EUs green plan.

One company aims to help these businesses by helping them find better electricity tariffs. Business Electricity Prices is a Rochdale, UK based online platform, which allows companies to begin comparing their energy bills under their current rate regime, and under a lower price, which they bid on through BEP.

“We are already seeing a large uptick in calls from corporate customers across, the UK, the recent increase in electricity and gas prices has pushed many of them over the edge.” says a company spokesperson at Business Electricity Prices, “These customers are looking to us to help them compare electricity costs, and keep them in line, so they can stay in business.”

Today’s rates on Business Electricity Prices were 2.74 p / Kwh for Gas and 9.01 p / Kwh for electricity. The Business Electricity Prices platform works by comparing leading United Kingdom based electricity and gas providers. Corporate customers enter their current energy data and bills into the company’s online platform and it returns a quote from other leading providers, giving companies the opportunity to get a comparison of the different costs.

“Keeping costs in check is critical to running a successful business,” says the spokesperson, “And with electric utilities in the UK charging more than ever, it is important to ensure a business is with the lowest cost provider.”

About The Business Electricity Prices
The Business Electricity Prices online platform makes it possible for companies to begin comparing rates between different customers. Giving them, “The power to make a difference.” The comparisons take into account the different transmission and distribution tariffs and rates for gas and electrical energy, allowing businesses to find the lowest possible rate available in the UK. Most business customers don’t know that while business electric rates are up 28% over the last decade, the difference between the increase at the highest cost provider, is quite large, especially when buying in a business commercial volume.

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