Compass Introduces Walks Into the Weavers' Colonies


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2015 -- Art forms existed even before anything else existed. The Harappan seals are testimony to this. Bone needles and woven cotton was discovered amongst the ruins of Mohenjo-daro. There are references of the craft of weaving in the ancient scriptures like Vedas too. India has a vast treasure of various forms of weave. It is a marvel that an ancient art like weaving still exists. Unfortunately, the carriers of this tradition are a dwindling lot. They seldom get the recognition they deserve. Weaving is a skill that requires sheer brilliance and the expertise and dogma passes on to the following generation.

Compass India Inc., a luxury tour company, encourages the weaving industry and commits itself to contribute towards keeping this ancient art form alive. We applaud these artisans and encourage our esteemed guests to take a walk through looms; lanes where most of the weavers live and work from, to see and get first hand feel of their lives and skills.

The first being agriculture, the weaving industry is the second largest provider of employment. Abundance of raw materials, continuous supply of cost effective work force are few of the contributing factors behind the legacy of weaving still being active. A few NGO and e commerce sites have also contributed and are encouraging young India to adorn themselves with handloom rather than the mass produce of the power loom.

Legend has it that when the Buddha laid to rest, veiled in a hand woven fabric from Banaras, now known as Varanasi. One of the oldest living cities of the world, Varanasi is famous for the quality of silk crafted by its legendary weavers. A silk saree or a scarf takes about 15-20 days to be woven by hand.

The famous cotton muslin of Varanasi is so fine that even oil cannot penetrate its fine woven texture. Varanasi is also acclaimed worldwide for its Jamdani inlay technique. In this style, fine patterns are woven all over the body of the fabric along with the weft is the same count. This rare style is indigenous to India. This is still done in traditional pit looms. The Brocade is another fine and exquisite fabric from Varanasi. This fabric was a particular favourite of The Mughals and artisans rose to the occasion and further developed this style with motifs and patterns resonating the Mughal glory. Brocade is a weave in which the designs appear by inserting zari threads (drawn out of pure gold) between the warp at regular intervals, so that the design emerges in each line. A draw loom is often used to weave this kind of fabric.

There are specific areas, which specialize in different styles of weaving. Compass representative will walk with you and with the help of the local craftsman will explain and show you how this magic is woven. The sheer dedication and pride of the artisans are gratifying to the soul.

The weavers of Gujarat are also renowned for their art and some of the finest textiles are native to this region of India. From the Mashroo to the patola, the demand of handloom fabrics is witnessing a huge upswing. The fabric is going through a major globalization and its use is now diversified to suit the contemporary style.

'We encourage our clients to visit the textile museum in Ahmedabad to get a sense of history of our handloom' – says Tanvi Sharma, a senior consultant with Compass.

Compass India takes immense pleasure in showcasing India's rich and diverse culture. Indian art is now gaining popularity and the canvas is changing. These are uplifting times for India's craft and textiles. Compass has reinvented its itineraries to include a peek into the weaver's lives. It conducts tours to the areas where handloom thrives and let our guests get a rare glimpse of this aspect of the country.

Check the complete itinerary showcasing insights of real weaving experience.

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