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Compassionate Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Help a Sick 74 Year Old Put Life Back on Track


Central Coast, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2016 -- Ken Armstrong is a man who has always put the needs of others before his own and has helped people in trouble out of his own pocket during the past 20 years of his life. Now at age 75, due to his out-of-pocket expenses, coupled with being stuck on an aged pension, he finds himself between a rock and a hard place. Ken's compassionate friend Jason Walters wants to help him put his life back on track, Jason would like the generous online crowd to make it possible. Jason has set up a crowdfunding campaign on a platform that has been created exclusively for compassionate crowdfunding -, the campaign has a $25,000 funding goal.

People who know Ken personally would recognize him as a generous, kind and high spirited man, who has overcome many hardships and obstacles all his life while maintaining his positive, good natured personality intact. The weight of responsibility landed on Ken in his teenage years as he became the sole breadwinner of his family, taking care of his mentally disturbed mother, his father who drank to stifle the torment and the horrors of the war, after serving as an emergency vehicle driver in the World War II; and his younger sister. He also made sure that his family and children, a son and daughter had a good life, were well trained and had better education so they would not have to go through the same hardship as he did. On top of this, throughout his life Ken continued to help others in need, he provided beds to the homeless; provided them with food, affordable accommodation, furniture, clothing, and toys for their children. A number of the people he gave assistance to were single mums, women in violent relationships, people with alcohol and drug related problems, he helped them change their lives by putting them in touch with agencies that deal with detox, rehab, emergency accommodation and legal aid, etc.

Now, finally, at the age of 75 he is suffering from poor health, poor living conditions and an unreliable transport, regarding his intentions to help Ken, Jason said: "Because he spent so much of his time and money helping those less fortunate than himself, I would really like to see him get a helping hand to get back on his feet again. Being an independent person that I have known for many years, I have never ever heard him ask for help or assistance, even though it's obvious that he is in need and could use some help right now."

The funds raised through the compassionate crowdfunding campaign will allow Jason to get Ken a decent transport, his home repaired; get him a ride on lawnmower, and assist with ongoing expenses. Jason encourages the online crowd to donate as much or as little as possible to help Ken out.

Learn more about Ken Armstrong and donate by visiting:

About Jason Walters
Jason Walters is a compassionate human being and a caring friend from New South Wales, Australia.