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Compelling Debut Book by Tim Hoehn Exposes How Law of Attraction Really Works

With vast experience as both a Pastor and a design engineer in Quantum Physics, Tim Hoehn’s new book gives a vital insight into both the spiritual and scientific roots of the Law of Attraction. As the only known work of its kind on the market, the book is resonating with readers around the world.


Decatur, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- It’s a widely-acknowledged fact that The Law of Attraction has its roots firmly grounded in both spiritual and scientific arenas. However, most books on the subject usually explain its theory from just one side of the table. With experience as both a Pastor and an ‘Atom Smasher’, Tim Hoehn’s debut book finally offers a total insight into how things really work.

‘The Law Of Attraction: How It Really Works ... Honest!™’ is more than just a book; it’s an eagerly-awaited answer to an age-old question.


The Law of Attraction is an amazing universal law that has been working in your life since the day you were born - probably without your direct knowledge. Simply stated it says that you attract into your life what you think about and focus your attention on. That thoughts become things! Once you grasp that basic principle and correctly learn how to proactively use this law, your life will never be the same and will be what YOU want it to be.

Many have read about this law, given it a try, and not had great success. The reasons vary, but my research indicated that mostly it is due to an incomplete understanding of how this law actually works and manifests itself in your life.

This book contains information crucial to your personal success with this law. When you understand how this law MUST work in harmony with all of the other laws of nature, you will then have the key to deploying it successfully into your life forever.

The journey ahead is an exciting one. Allow the Law of Attraction to provide you with the means to make the rest of your life ... the BEST of your life!

As the author explains, his book is unique within the marketplace.

“I wrote this book with a dual perspective and combined my knowledge of each to complete the work. Other works I have read approach the subject matter from one perspective or the other - but I have not yet seen one that uses a dual perspective. I feel that this duality has allowed me to present material crucial to the understanding of this law that has heretofore not been revealed because there was no connection made,” says Hoehn.

Continuing, “I also feel that the proper understanding and use of this law will truthfully allow people to create the life that they want. I have seen it work undeniably for me and through research have documented others who have made it work for them also. We need nothing more than what we were all born with to make this law work.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

For example, one reader said, “Author, Tim Hoehn invites the reader to become the captain of his or her own destiny by an understanding of the, Law of Attractions, and how to apply the concepts to one's daily life for personal fulfillment. He utilizes a fresh approach which incorporates his personal life experience, as well as, both scientific and biblical evidence to support his thesis. I found this book to be both thought provoking and inspirational.”

‘The Law Of Attraction: How It Really Works ... Honest!™’, published by SeaDog Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/14CRefa

About the Author: Tim Hoehn
This is the first book I have written and I'm kind of getting to the party a little late in life I guess. As I write this, I am in my mid-sixties having just recently discovered the full reality of the great truth of the wonderful Law of Attraction.

This law, in its current popular usage, simply states that you attract into your life what you think about, and that applies to both good and bad. As a matter of fact, you have been using this law your entire life but probably have not been aware of it - most people aren't. While its origins are not in the bible, it's concept is written about in Proverbs 23:7 (MKJV) which simply states:

Due to my life's path, I have some unique perspectives about this law that will help anyone understand how and why it works. I first truly grasped its relevance just recently and am at the beginning of my personal journey to create the life I have truly wanted all these years. My attempts to invoke this law positively on my behalf have been very successful, and it is that success which propels me forward.

I will tell you right up front that I have a religious background with a bible college degree and I am also a mechanical engineer. I have not done any pastoral work for close to twenty years now, but spent twenty-five years in pastoral ministry immediately after graduating from college.

At the conclusion of my pastoral years, I actually gave up on organized religion, being very discouraged by what I perceived to be an institution that had lost its way. Sadly, almost as a proof of what I had observed, none of my colleagues with whom I had been very close friends for decades would even return my phone calls of continuing friendship. I was at a loss to explain to my children why their friends were now ignoring them.

But my spiritual life is so much richer today than it has ever been, and I feel more aligned with God and the universe than I ever have. I know that all of my past life experiences have been specifically orchestrated to bring me to this time because I have something very important to contribute.

When I thoroughly examined this law's premise and researched its presence in history, and more importantly to me, in scripture, I quickly recognized the all-too-familiar intelligence behind this law as the only source from which something so simple yet so powerful could have originated. God was at it again, surprising me, thrilling me, challenging me, and leading me into yet another totally new and exciting phase of my life.

I'm not going to do a lot of bible quoting in this work for it is not meant to be a spiritual book. But recently I read a verse that sums up my feeling about the presentation of these thoughts at this time.

I guess the dichotomy of my career as an engineer and a devout student of the Bible and other spiritual writings has uniquely positioned me to be able to understand in great detail the spiritual side of this law along with the quantum mechanics side of the universe that works in harmonious concert with this law. These two things are inextricably and eternally intertwined and are awe-inspiring.

I feel like my life to this point has been like an orchestra ready to play a great concert; the tuning up in the pit has taken me more than sixty years, and now I am ready for the symphony to begin. If the tune-up and preparation has taken that long, how grand will the concert be?

One of the jobs I had in my engineering career was working at Fermilab in Batavia, IL. Named for the noted Italian physicist Enrico Fermi, Fermilab is, or was (they recently de-commissioned the particle accelerator), a proton accelerator and was the first super-conducting proton accelerator in the world. The main ring of the accelerator is buried in the ground just over forty miles west of downtown Chicago and is one mile in diameter. At the time I was there in the late 70's, it was operated by the US government's Department of Energy and still is today. Its stated purpose according to their official website is:

"Scientists at Fermilab carry out research in high-energy physics to answer the questions: What is the universe made of? How does it work? Where did it come from?"8

The lab is located on the site of a ghost town which was named Weston, IL. At the time they moved in, there were numerous residential and commercial structures and an entire infrastructure in place. The existing houses and other buildings were converted to offices and other needed facilities. The Large Hadron Collider in Europe has now taken over as the center of collider experiments for the world of Particle Physics.

I was a member of the design team that created that super-conductor or the "super-conducting super-collider" as it was called. The team consisted of designers, engineers, scientists, physicists, chemists, and theorists, not to mention all of the administrators, electricians, plumbers, machinists, fabricators, clerical people, contractors, and lab technicians who put it all together and made it all work.

The new particle accelerator consisted of a main ring in which hundreds of twenty-two feet long dipole magnetic coils were located end to end in a circular design. Between each dipole coil was a small quadra-pole steering coil which provided the means of making the ring circular and steered the protons through a slight course change to again shoot straight down the next twenty-two foot section of dipole coil at very near the speed of light. All of this was housed within equally-sized cryostats which provided the means for the cryogenic super-cooling with multiple layers of insulation and circulating refrigerants. As might be expected, it required vast quantities of electrical energy to make it all work.

It was in actuality an amazing amalgam of science, theory, and human ingenuity; and in retrospect, a tribute to the Law of Attraction, the very law this book is written about. For as you will see as you read on, thoughts become things, and it was a series of thoughts that originally germinated in the mind of physicists and their belief in those thoughts that brought this lab into existence.

It was also very volatile at times. Hydrogen exists in its liquid state at -452F after extreme compression and can only be pumped through other components at a maximum of about three pounds per square inch (psi). Any more than that and it will begin to generate enough heat to make it pass from its liquid state to its gaseous state - called quench - and when that happens, unthinkably large amounts of energy are released almost instantaneously with potentially catastrophic results. We conducted several sector tests early-on when we would test a single twenty-two foot section for functionality. Several of the early tests saw helium quenches which almost completely destroyed large steel support structures. I've seen four 6" diameter threaded studs that were anchoring one end of the dipole cryostat bent over ninety degrees like they were drinking straws. That's why the sector tests were all conducted behind very thick sections of acrylic.

The original accelerator ring, located next to the new installation, was not able to produce the power required to go to places they wanted to go with research and exploration into the origins of the universe so the new super-conductor was created. As stated, it operated in temperatures produced by liquid helium at -452F, or very near absolute zero which is usually listed at -459.67F. At temperatures near absolute zero, electrical resistance is virtually nonexistent and thus more power can be generated.

As a benefit of my tenure at Fermilab, I have an insider's understanding of what smashing atoms is all about, and the thrill and excitement of peering into the world of quantum physics or as it also known, the microcosm. (I have another work on the way you might want to read entitled “The Big Bang Theory ... What If ... ?". It addresses the subject matter of the quantum world in greater detail.)

On the spiritual side, I have been a student of the bible and other spiritual writings for more than forty years, and that is generally my default frame of reference. As you will see, it has given me some unique insights into the Law of Attraction. I never did just blindly swallow the “company line” and carved out my own set of beliefs about what the bible and other books did or did not teach. After all, if it didn’t work for me as an individual, I certainly couldn’t teach it to others with any conviction.

One of the things I saw early on was that, contrary to what I read in the text books, there was a striking convergence between the tenets of scientific law and theory and the role of God in the universe. I didn’t see the two as polar opposites at all as was being touted in the press and literature of the day. I guess I just didn’t swallow anything that either was saying without verifying it for myself.

My introduction to this whole matter of the Law of Attraction came initially through listening to a set of CDs by Dr. Wayne Dyer on “The Power of Intention”. A friend gave them to me and I approached them a bit skeptically due to my bible college training. I had been introduced to the philosophy of “intentionality” at my place of employment where they had invested in and adopted a leadership training program called Radical Leadership and Conscious Company to develop their employees.

At the heart of the program that was developed by Therese Kienast, the founder of Radical Leadership, was this teaching of being “intentional” about everything you do in life. They imparted to our company, by teaching and practical application, many specialized tools to assist us in being intentional, and I felt a strong kinship with the concepts they presented since they were closely aligned with my spiritual background. Dr. Dyer’s CD set titled “The Secrets of the Power of Intention” piqued my curiosity and I decided to give them a listen while driving to work every day. After listening for just a couple of days, I also bought the book on which the CDs were based. I was so taken by what I heard and read that I have since bought several copies of the book and sent them to my friends with the hope that their lives will be as positively impacted as mine has been. In Dr. Dyer’s book, which was written in 2004, one of the predictions he made is that intention would become the new buzz word for the next decade. As the decade has unfolded, his suspicions were very much on target.

After reading Dr. Dyer’s book and listening to his CDs, I obtained a copy of the best-selling book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. The entire volume of her book is devoted solely to the Law of Attraction. Reading it further piqued my interest in the specifics and implementation of this law and thus helped to propel this work. I have since purchased her audio CDs on “The Secret” and have listened to them more than one hundred times. Every time I listen I learn something new, something I didn’t quite understand before and it has been very inspiring. She has come under a lot of criticism for her work but my personal evaluation is that she knows more about the Law of Attraction than anyone else I have read or come into contact with.

Since being acquainted with this topic by Dr. Dyer and Rhonda Byrne, I have spent hundreds of hours personally researching this subject and reading present day authors as well as many from the past including Charles Haanel, Robert Collier, Neville Goddard, U.S. Andersen, Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, William Clement Stone, Wallace Wattles, James Allen, Lynne McTaggart, and Dr. David Hawkins. My intention in writing this book is to bring you face-to-face with this law and expose you to its amazing power and simplicity. It is also my intention to fully explain how this law actually works, and thus provide you with real tools to successfully implement this law and predict reasonable expectations of its results in your life. My only request of you, the reader, is that you try to set aside pre-conceived notions about this law and approach it with an open mind and genuine, childlike, curiosity. I think you will be happy with your discoveries.