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Compelling New Book Calls on Christians to Ask Themselves, "What Can I Do for Jesus, Since Everyday I Ask Him to Do Something for Me?"

Written by a group of committed Christians simply identifying as ‘Author Unknown’, this powerful and potentially life-changing new book urges Christians to undertake the ‘household chores’ of the Body of Christ and give something back to Jesus as they await his second coming. While an impressive literary project in itself, ‘What Can I Do for Jesus, Since Everyday I Ask Him to Do Something for Me?! (PART 1)’ (ISBN: 9781456620134) seeks to change the world, one reader at a time


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- While all Christians are awaiting the second coming of Christ, the majority fail to undertake the ‘household chores’ of The Body of Christ, seizing each opportunity to do so as stated in MATTHEW 25:31-46. However, a diverse group of writers identifying as ‘Unknown Author’ have released a powerful and ground-breaking new book to guide Christians toward this most important of obligations.

‘What Can I Do for Jesus, Since Everyday I Ask Him to Do Something for Me?! (PART 1)’ calls readers to build up the store house of God through donations of all kind. While the subject matter may be new to many, the authors’ unique style will make it accessible and easy to put into action.


This collections of fictitious short-stories is based on each identified esthetic need, that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ found so "invaluable", that those men and women whom professed to be co-heirs with Him, would be subjected unto "everlasting punishment" (v46) for neglecting the fulfillment of any of these charitable deeds. These holy "household chores" expected to be attended to, according to the Holy Scriptures, in Immanuel's own words, are clearly outlined in verses 35 & 36, in which cover hunger, thirst, homelessness, supplying those without clothes, supporting the sick and imprisoned believer. Book 1 covers the following:

3.Welcoming a Stranger

As a representative of Author Unknown explains, the quality of one’s own faith is reflected in their charitable activities.

“This is actually clearly stated in JAMES 2:14-26 – “faith without works is dead”. Charitable deeds unto the development, management, and maintenance of the common needs of the average believer is illustrated in the biblical account, widely known as, “The Son of Man Will Judge the Nations” (MATTHEW 25:31-46). This book will give any reader everything they need to answer this calling and put it into action. It’s vital reading,” he comments.

Continuing, “These ‘charitable deeds’ can take many forms – from volunteer service and donating food right through to attending prayer groups for the sick and seeking out other independent ways to collaborate with Christians for the greater good of humanity. Of course, buying the book is the first step on this important journey, as we’ll be donating royalties to a qualified charitable project.”

With further volumes in the works, interested readers are urged to buy the series’ first installment without delay.

‘What Can I Do for Jesus, Since Everyday I Ask Him to Do Something for Me?! (PART 1)’ is available now: http://amzn.to/Pnvy1i.

For more information on the Author Unknown group and their work, visit: http://www.authorunknown.info.

About ‘Author Unknown’
Author Unknown are a diverse group of believers – bankers, musicians, social workers, teachers, public servants, business owners, parents – united by a shared faith in a loving God.