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Compelling New Book Examines Society's Downfall; Attempting to Restore Free Will to American 'Zombies'

Written by Max Leftown, ‘Restoring Free Will and Maximizing the Brain Power of The American Zombies: The Red Pill’ urges Americans to wake up to the sorry state of their nation and take a stand to determine their own destinies. Told through an engaging and entertaining format, Leftown’s ground-breaking work is poised to help millions of Americans of their dark realities.


St. Petersburg, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- While the U.S. Government strives to help the middle class grow and prosper, author Max Leftown knows that remaining in the middle is easier said than done. Having lived on both sides of the American Dream, Leftown is one of millions of Americans whose lives have been slaughtered by the greedy ignorance of big business and Government.

Tired of watching his fellow Citizens search helplessly for a solution, Leftown has compiled his analysis of society and proposal for change into a powerful new book titled ‘Restoring Free Will and Maximizing the Brain Power of The American Zombies: The Red Pill’.


This book is a colorful commentary on how America has ended up so lost in the dark, and suggests what to do if you're one of many Americans seeking a solution. Remaining in denial about the sad state of our nation and seeking relief through temporary chemical escapes is only worsening the situation for everybody....except....for the billionaires.

This book provides a massive dose of truth and logic to transform hopeless people into the biggest nightmare of all billionaires....a fearless and informed public. It's long overdue that men and women with good consciences strike fear into the hearts of men that worship only more....more money....and more power.

Humanity has allowed a morally bankrupt minority to dictate the direction of our lives into ever worsening circumstances for the majority of people. This book explains how greedy men have accomplished this, and explains exactly how the masses can regain our God-given rights to determine our own destinies.

As the author explains, the United States is in dire need of repair.

“Our Government brands us as the world’s greatest nation – but fifty million people are on food stamps and the number continues to rise by thousands each day. While it first appears to be a hopeless situation – we can fix it. Those who have seen their standard of living lowered must band together and spread hope to the masses; my book is the starting block,” says Leftown.

Continuing, “I refuse to sit back and take the abuse corrupt men are inflicting on us. I want others to see this deception and join me in a fight for a better future. It’s our constitutional right to pursue happiness – so let’s do it together!”

With the book expected to see high demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Restoring Free Will and Maximizing the Brain Power of The American Zombies: The Red Pill’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1dyHiZY.

About Max Leftown
After experiencing immediate success in the corporate world, quickly followed by a rude awakening in a rust-belt city, Max Leftown has lived on both sides of the American dream. He is a National Honor Society scholar, a salesman by blood, a handyman, and a working class American that is not laying down and taking the abuse that corrupt men are attempting to inflict upon our entire country.