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Compelling New Book Exposes Mysteries of God, Hidden in the Bible

Written by Joseph A. K. Adjei, ‘The Mystery of the Blood of Jesus’ showcases the true application of the blood and gives answers to mysteries that have confused Christians for hundreds of years. Inspired by an incident during the author’s incarceration in New York, the book is poised to resonate with readers around the world.


Accra, Ghana -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- According to Joseph A. K. Adjei, millions of people falsely apply the Blood of Jesus and risk cursing their lives or even being dragged off to hell. In order to free these people and help them out of their ‘prisons’, Adjei is revealing the truth so that they can be saved.

Everything is outlined in ‘The Mystery of the Blood of Jesus - Blood is Sin and Sin is Devil, Christ was made Sin for us by his Blood’, which could easily be the most powerful book of a generation.

God created two worlds, namely heaven and earth. These two worlds correspond to two natures and when we talk about nature we mean life. The life in heaven is given by the tree of life whereas the life on earth is given by Blood in the heart. These two natures are contrarily one to the other. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, neither the tree of life inherit the kingdom of the earth. When God created man he decided in his own wisdom and for his own pleasure to let man have a taste of these two natures simultaneously.

The first nature God gave to man was the tree of life when man was living in heaven, in the garden of God. Man enjoyed the tree of life for a thousand years as stated in the book of revelation. Then after the thousand years was over, Satan was released to take man to the earth to taste the nature of blood. So God gave the first law to man and warned him not to eat the grapefruit of the blood for in the day that he eats blood he shall die. Little did man know that God was talking about another nature. The serpent was then released from the bottomless pit which was a symbol of the heart of man to deceive man to eat blood and the man obeyed the serpent and ate blood and became the servant of the one whom man obeyed the serpent and took the nature of flesh. That's why immediately Adam and Eve ate the fruit their eyes opened and they saw that they were naked. The blood changed their glory from a heavenly body to a human body.

Wherever there is blood there is death such that the body cannot live forever with blood it must die. The first time God created man was the time the man became a living soul with a spiritual body living on the tree of life in the garden of God which was heaven. This nature conforms to the nature of God and the image of God. The breath of life which God breath into the nostrils of man was the nature of God to became a living soul. Therefore not all souls are created in the image of God except those who had received the breath of God in the person of the Holy Spirit and has become born again by that breath. How can a thief, an armed robber, a liar, sexually immoral, or a jealous person be said to be in the image of God? That to me is blaspheme.

But man ate blood in the garden of Eden and changed his nature into a four footed beast and became a human body living on blood. This nature is Satanic and devilish such that all that man can do is to disobey God after having become obedient to the serpent. That is why all men sin and fall short of the nature (glory) of God. Today all that we see ourselves to do best is to sin, commit sexual immoral, steal, kill, murder, lie, deceive, envy, jealous, covet, curse, rob, and the rest.

As the author explains, this is a message that Christians and the world need to hear.

“This is an amazing mystery revealed to all mankind to know and understand the sacrifice God had done for us. There are so many false applications of the blood of Jesus almost all over the world. And this application of the blood brings curses upon our lives which will even drag some of us to hell if the truth about the blood is not revealed to get people out of prison,” says Adjei.

Continuing, “The situation with the church and the deceit is an emergency and we must rush this book to the people to get them save. Lack of knowledge my people perish, says the Lord.”

Those wondering how Adjei came to his unique knowledge will discover that he received in the most unlikely of places.

“I received this wisdom of God when I was incarcerated and jailed at Metropolitan Correctional Center--New York (MCC NY). It all started one morning when I was praying in the cell. Suddenly, I felt a strong lifting of my mind within my brain. As I recovered from that emotional feeling, the knowledge of the entire Bible came to me. I began to read the Bible intensively and carefully observed every word. I noticed that the divine knowledge which I received was in line with the Bible,” he adds.

With the book’s popularity set to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘The Mystery of the Blood of Jesus - Blood is Sin and Sin is Devil Christ was made Sin for us by his Blood’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1aLigFi

About the Author: Joseph Adjei
Mr. Joseph Adjei, a native of Ghana, is married and has five children. One more child as been added by the grace of God so they now have six children. He began life in a hard way, but the Lord has made his ways very soft and straightforward. He is also known as Kwabena, Kobi for short. It's a name given to him based on the day of his birth (a Tuesday), according to the Akan tribe in Ghana. Mr. Adjei was able to complete his education to form six, where he obtained an advance level certificate (comparable to graduating from two-year college in the United States). He immigrated to America in 1997, where he worked as a security guard. He later became a professional income tax preparer after taking a tax accounting course with Provisional Career Development Institute in Georgia. He is also a professional medical assistant after completing Career Training Institute, in New York. He attended the New York Film Academy and obtained a Certificate in Filmmaking and Film Directing. He took the GED test, passed and obtained a GED Certificate. He unfortunately was involved in an alleged tax scandal and was charged with filing false claims with the IRS by electronic means. He got arrested and detained at Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) Mr. Adjei fought tirelessly to prove that his charges were false, but after fighting for thirty months, his numerous petitions to the Department of Justice were unsuccessful. He was advised to offer a guilty plea and was sentenced to thirty months in jail.

Within the thirty months of his incarceration, he wrote this book, using paper and pen. On the day of his sentence he was further detained awaiting immigration proceedings. He awaited deportation to Ghana, due to an alleged immigration violation. Two weeks later, the Department of Homeland security, (U.S.Immigration Service) dropped its charges, and he was released on the streets of America to go home. Mr. Adjei then came to realized that the turn of events in his life was orchestrated by God. Sometimes in life, things happen for a reason.