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Compelling New Book Raises Profile of 'Scientific Teaching' and 'Goal and Task Teaching and Learning' Method

Written by Dr. Martin Odudukudu, General Manager of the Center for Development of Interest in Learning, ‘Scientific Teaching and Learning: An Explanation of the Philosophy’ helps educators truly understand students’ interests and excel all goals through the ‘Goal and Task Teaching and Learning’ framework.


Roosevelt, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2014 -- While the Common Core Learning Standard has been a dominant initiative for many years, its abilities to genuinely capture a student’s interest and empower them to think dynamically is often questioned. In his ground-breaking new book, Dr. Martin Odudukudu introduces readers to an alternative and already hugely-successful approach; Goal and Task Teaching and Learning (GTTL).

‘Scientific Teaching and Learning: An Explanation of the Philosophy’ helps educators truly understand students’ interests and is divided into four sections based on diligent ongoing research.


This book has the same focus as the common core learning standard; it is intended to meet the aspirations of employer, parents, educators and students. Our focus is very promising. Our educational efforts are now geared to change from focusing upon teaching students to pass tests to learning how to apply knowledge.

We now know that a capacity to merely recall answers relates to the old traditional methods of teaching and learning and that the capacity to think through problems and get answers relate to the progressive methods. We are also realizing that success in our educational efforts are grounded upon a clear understanding of students interest, and of how to integrating students' concerns with the subject matter; but do we truly?

As the author explains, his book identifies several ‘holes’ in existing standards and attempts to address them through the GTTL framework.

“What is not so clear in regard to the common core, however, is what human beings do when they think. The authors of the common core learning standard seem to have simply pointed at what students can do, at human capacities, and told others to go figure it out harness these capacities,” says Dr. Odudukudu, who has been instrumental in the founding and development of the Center for Development of Interest In Learning – a group of researchers passionate about transforming teaching methods.

Continuing, “In my book, we find that in thinking and learning, one is concerned with the subject and predicate (aspects) relationships of a subject matter. I also explain the philosophies and present the instructional methods of Goal and Task Teaching and Learning. GTTL is said to be scientific in that the methods have a shared focus; and the focus is the same for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology as it is for the English Language Arts.”

This powerful text is vital reading for all current and future educators.

‘Scientific Teaching and Learning: An Explanation of the Philosophy’ is available now: http://amzn.to/Oq9RNH.

For more information, visit: http://www.cdoil.org/PublicationsaboutCDOIL.html.

The Center for Development of Interest In Learning (CDOIL) is an organization of seasoned researchers; our goal is to transform teaching and learning methods, and help students develop increased interest in learning.

The mission of Center for Development of Interest in Learning is to research students' conscious and unconsciousness needs to excel, and inform them up-front how school learning is in their best interest. We are dedicated to research Goal and Task Thinking Methods of learning, point out advantages in understanding and in helping students to highlight and explore these differences.