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Compelling New Novel by Barry Irwin Brophy Challenges Christians to Change How They Conduct Ministry.

Addressing problems in the American church including financial greed and lack of supernatural ministry, author Barry Irwin Brophy makes a plea to fellow Christians via the plot of an engaging and intricate new novel.


Everett, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2012 -- When it comes to the modern American church, there is a lot of kinks yet to be ironed out. Nobody believes this more than author Barry Irwin Brophy, who addresses a number of these problems in his compelling new novel.

Set in the Seattle area, ‘The Weak and Foolish Things of Seattle’ provides a literary journey that will both illuminate and enlighten its readers to the real-world challenges of the American church.


“The book centers around a young pastor named James Reese in the Seattle area. Reese is frustrated with ministry and has given up on his ability to minister to his congregation through constant monetary and social problems. Since his years at the ministry, Reese has witnessed members fight over petty arguments, not keep promises, vehemently criticize each other, cease in prayer, cease in Gospel sharing, and ultimately not reflect Christian values in their interactions towards one another; furthermore, the church is also going bankrupt resulting in Reese not receiving a paycheck for months. This is every pastor’s worst nightmare.

In an act of mercy, Reese’s denomination area leader gives him one year to turn his ministry around and start producing results or they will be forced to close his church. As he begins to seek answers as to why his ministry is failing, Reese is given a repeated dream from an unknown source. Throughout the novel Reese tries to figure out how to change his church problems while examining the values of the American Church.

With time ticking away, Reese has questions, doubt in himself and God, and struggles towards the question of what does an effective ministry look like and what his role may be in it. As Reese lets his ideas of a successful church model fade, he begins to engage in supernatural ministry in the most unusual and unlikely of places in Seattle.”

As the author explains, he hopes the book’s fictional story will prompt and inspire its readers to instil change in the church.

“My story uses real-life examples in fiction settings that everyone has experienced at one point or another in the American Church: feeling unwelcome, being judged by appearance and not by character, the use of Scripture to exploit members for personal gain, power struggles, and rejection,” says Brophy.

He continues, “Christianity in America is on a decline and unless Christians change how they are currently conducting ministry, this process will continue.”

Taking his desires for reality and putting them into a fictional form, Brophy further explains what he hopes his book will achieve.

“My novel demonstrates how a band of unlikely people can be used by God to accomplish extraordinary miracles by simply trusting in God by learning to operate in the supernatural miracles of the past, knowing their Biblically based faith, and working together with other different Christian denominations,” he adds.

In short, the book will educate, inform and inspire all who read it; taking the church and Christianity one step further to the radical reform it demands.

‘The Weak and Foolish Things of Seattle’, published by Xulon Press, is available from the following location:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/Uhg2VQ

A video trailer can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyBS_zTMgYE&feature=plcp

About Barry Irwin Brophy, in his own words:
I immigrated from Auckland, New Zealand at the age of five with my family. I was a self-proclaimed gothic atheist and experienced depression as a teenager which led to my faith in Christ. Since this time period God has revealed Himself to me through prayer, Bible reading, dreams, and visions. I am an active member in my local church helping out in whatever area is needed.