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Compelling WWII Novel by Michael James Stewart Recalls 'Forgotten Immigrants'

While the Second World War and ‘War Brides’ are seventy years into our past, author Michael James Stewart recalls their amazing stories and poignant sacrifices in his latest novel – ‘Tilly and Nuella - A Lifetime Odyssey of Friendship’.


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2013 -- Many historians and relatives feel that the story of Canada’s War Brides is buried deep in the country’s past. Often known as the ‘forgotten immigrants’, time has washed over the many amazing and harrowing tales these brave women have to tell. However, in his latest fiction novel, author Michael James Stewart recalls their amazing courage and once again brings the war bride back into the public’s eye.

Encapsulating the fascinating lives of two young British women, ‘Tilly and Nuella - A Lifetime Odyssey of Friendship’ ensures that this once common story is forgotten no more.


A beautiful narrative that bears witness to the fascinating lives of two young women, Tilly, from Lancashire in central England, and Nuella, from Northern Ireland, who, having fled their regional upbringing, strive to succeed beyond their humble origins.

Meeting just prior to World War II, in a London boarding house, both are resilient beyond their years and incredibly determined to create better lives for themselves and for those they come to love.

Their innate decency continually plays them beneficial hands; from landing a job at the top secret wartime instillation of Bletchley Park to a post-war life, as war brides, in the burgeoning City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Long after the novel ends, you will remember the epic friendship and journey of Tilly and Nuella.

As the author explains, his work of fiction isn’t a far cry from reality.

“While my specific story is my own work, it is a perfect microcosm of the war bride movement in general,” says Stewart, who has written a string of successful novels during his literary career.

Continuing, “These women were tough, strong-willed and eager to better themselves. However, while many of our formidable Canadian women are either war brides themselves or direct descendants, their history and stories have been all but forgotten.”

Critics praise Stewart for his attempts to re-ignite the passion and inspiration that their empowering stories tell. However, for him personally, this mission is far more modest.

“My goal is to ensure that the story of the war brides doesn’t get lost. Fiction and literature is a powerful tool from which their history can spread. I know that Canada is very proud of its past and is confident about its future; but I want people to see how our previous generations got here and what their lives involved,” he adds.

Expected to resonate with readers across the country and around the world, interested readers are urged to get their hands on a copy of the book while supplies last.

‘‘Tilly and Nuella - A Lifetime Odyssey of Friendship’, published by 780588 Ontario Inc., is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/VSBUTn

About the Author: Michael James Stewart
Aside from holding executive positions in a number of businesses and organisations, Michael James Stewart, a native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, combined his passion for joie de vivre with the dictum of "travel is the best form of education" by living in the United States, England, the Caribbean and by travelling Europe, Turkey, South America and Mexico during which time he met the powerful, the famous, and the humourous as well as politicians, charlatans, scamps, roués and the desperate.

His novel, Tilly and Nuella, reveals Michael’s sensitive. empathetic and compassionate nature for the vast array of people with whom he meets and has met, contacted and known throughout his journeys.

Though Tilly and Nuella are the principal characters in the story, the reader cannot escape being drawn into the realistic situations and lives of those surrounding and influencing them, such as their landlady, known as ‘Jenny’, the two army officers whom they marry and their in-laws.

In his nine-book Faison Quay Murder Mystery series, he cleverly weaves similar characters into his maze-like plots and, while respecting his readers, he leads them on clue-ridden romps involving insightful views of elegance and wealth together with intimate setting descriptions that allow them to become part of the action, yet challenges them to decipher what they are reading and attempt solving the crimes before the final resolution of the mystery.