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Kerala, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- The education system of India among the seven continents is on the third position along with the USA and China. There are many bills passed by the execution to add in the constitution of India for the welfare of the students and education system but the government is still struggling to coordinate between the state and central administration which comes up with the outcome of unemployment and poverty. The birth of the private education sector is the result of this dispute.

As believed by the great leader “intelligence plus character is the goal of true education” but, to match up the pace with today’s fast revolving planet smart education is necessary; is the harbor where the learners are polished and prepared to be a scholar.

Fellowship and Loan facility in India

Higher education in India becomes a challenge for most of the regional or zonal students because of the economic crisis. has started numerous scholarship programs to compensate the financial crunch of the students. They are coming up with so many information about various kinds of scholarships, fellowships and education loan facilities in India and abroad. They are also planning to organize Scholarships from various firms to support the students in their education.

The Indian government has passed the INR of 820 crores for financial year 2013-14 with respect to educational loans and credits. is making tie-up with all most all the government and private banks who deals with student loans.

Preparation for competitive and entrance exams in India is the best approach for the preparation of competitive exams in India. It has the facility of both online and offline study classes along with best faculty members who will guide the students in personality development and to brush up their skill-sets so that they can use their positive factors to choose the appropriate field and crack all the entrance exams in India.

There is an online team of skilled people who are ready to help the students 24x7. As we believe that instruction ends in the class-room but education with life so we prepare study materials under the guidance qualified professors so that we can make a well educated society who would be able to move ahead with its own intellect.

About MakeMyStudy has launched itself as a global study hub where you can enroll yourself to be an intellect of tomorrow. We provide the facility of international classroom for all short-term and long-term courses where you can have an opportunity for global exposure. As education is the responsibility which the society owes to itself that is why we have the vision to manufacture the intellect so that they can enlighten society.

So if you have an interest we will help you to be an intellect, show you the right path, help you to brush-up your skills and develop your personality so that success will choose you in every walk of life.

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