Competitive Information Service Package Â?? 1-Year Subscription


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2013 -- Reportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of Competitive Information Service Package 1-year subscription market report to its offering

Competitive Information Service Package 1-year subscription:


    Flat-Rate Access to La Merie Publishing Reports


    R&D Drug Pipeline Database


    R&D Pipeline News

    Subscription to this product provides access during one year to three Competitive Intelligence information products released by La Merie Publishing with great cost savings:
    1) Flat-Rate Access to La Merie Publishing Reports:
    Access during one year to all existing and new reports produced by La Merie Publishing and listed in the online store. Among La Merie Publishing reports are Competitor Analysis reports as well as Full Reports. La Merie Publishing reports are continuously updated and new ones released. Reports can be searched for and identified in La Merie Publishing’s online store. After purchase of the product, existing reports will be made available to the customer by e-mail delivery of the pdf reports. New reports will automatically be sent upon release of the report.
    Features of the Flat-Rate Access to La Merie Publishing Reports:

      - Dynamic content (more than 50 updates and new releases per year)

      - Convenient e-mail delivery of pdf reports upon subscription and new release

      - Broad coverage of Oncology, Biosimilars, Antibodies, Proteins and Vaccines

      - Great savings over individual purchases

      2) R&D Drug Pipeline Database

      Online access to more than 16,000 project entries in all therapeutic areas and product categories. Each project is specified for its Target or Mechanism of Action, Product Category, Therapeutic Area, indication and R&D Phase. Use of the R&D database of marketed and investigational drugs is intuitive. Data sets of interest can be printed and exported. Projects are being updated continuously. The R&D history of each project with online references of information sources can be viewed and printed. Sales figures of major products are provided. The projects can be segmented into Therapeutic Areas, Territories, Product Categories and R&D Phases. An advanced search function allows to combine search parameters. A scroll down menu for predefined targets conveniently selects projects of interest. By clicking on column headers, projects can be arranged and listed/displayed in ascending or descending alphabetical or numerical order, e.g. for R&D phase, product category or company name. Sample screenshots illustrate the database. Credentials to access the database will be sent by e-mail within 24 hours after purchase and e-mail support will be provided.
      Features of the the R&D Drug Pipeline Database:

      - Intuitive use

      - Designed for structured searches

      - Focused on targets, product categories and R&D phases

      - Ideal for competitor analysis (companies, targets, product categories)

      - Cost-effective and rapid solution for benchmarking

      - Identification of licensing candidates

      3) R&D Pipeline News
      R&D Pipeline News is a weekly newsletter delivered in 50 issues per year via e-mail as a PDF document directly to your desktop. It contains a summary of R&D related press releases of the past week presented in an easy- and rapid-to-screen tabular format and sorted by Product Categories or Therapeutic Areas. In addition, each issue provides new company specific R&D pipelines and highlighted target, disease and technology pipelines. R&D licensing and collaboration agreements as well as merger & acquisition deals are summarized. All information is referenced with a hyperlink leading to the press release in our news portal or the original source of information. Download a free sample: Technology Edition or Therapeutic Area Edition.
      Key Product Features:

        - Weekly tool for R&D analysis;

        - Individual e-mail delivery;

        - 13,000+ unique compounds covered;

        - Independent and expert editorial staff;

        - Coverage of all treatment modalities;

        - Featured company pipelines;

        - Featured target and indication pipelines;

        - Systematic presentation format for easy and rapid screening of news.

        Reports of the Competitor Analysis Series deliver NO-FRILLS, but concise information about the pipeline of R&D projects for targets, diseases and technologies provided in a tabular format and fully referenced. Each project described in the Competitor Analysis reports is specified for its Target or Mechanism of Action, Product Category, Indication, R&D Phase and Comment with a hyperlink leading to the source of information.
        Full Reports provide in-depth description and analysis of targets, pipelines, companies and technologies.
        Examples of Full Reports

          - Antibody Technologies and Attrition Rates an industry analysis 2013

          - Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) Receptor Agonists - A Target Pipeline and Stakeholder Analysis 2012

          - Antibody-Drug Conjugates 2011 - real breakthrough still to come. A Technology, Stakeholder and R&D Pipeline Analysis

          - Coagulation Factors 2011 who does meet the market needs? A Pipeline Assessment, Market Survey and Corporate Benchmark Analysis

          - Antibody Technology Companies 2010

           Examples of Oncology Reports

            - Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC)

            - c-MET/HGF Inhibitors

            - HDAC Inhibitors

            - Janus Kinase (JAK) Inhibitors

            - Novel Mitotic Kinase Inhibitors

            - PARP Inhibitors

            - PI3K-AKT-mTOR Inhibitors

            - Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK Inhibitors

            Examples of Biosimilar & Biosuperior Protein Reports

              - Therapeutic Proteins Biosimilars, Biobetters & Biosuperiors

              - Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents (ESA)

              - Coagulation Factors

              - G-CSF and GM-CSF

              - Enzyme Replacement Therapies

              - FSH, LH & hCG: Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

              - Interferon

              - Thrombopoiesis Stimulating Agents

              - Insulin

              - Human Growth Hormone

              - Thrombolytic Agents

              Examples of Biosimilar & Biosuperior Antibody Reports

                - Biosimilar and Biosuperior Therapeutic Antibodies

                - CD20 Antibodies - Rituximab Biosimilars and Biobetters/Biosuperiors

                - Her2 Antibodies - Trastuzumab Biosimilars and Biobetters/Biosuperiors

                - VEGF Antibodies Bevacizumab and Ranibizumab Biosimilars and Biosuperiors

                - EGF-R Antibodies Biosimilars and Biosuperiors

                - TNF Antibodies Biosimilars and Biosuperiors

                Examples of Vaccine Reports

                  - Herpes Virus Vaccines and Therapeutics

                  - Pneumococcal and Streptococcal Vaccines

                  - Tuberculosis Vaccines and Therapeutics

                  - Malaria Vaccines & Therapeutics

                  - CMV Vaccines & Therapeutics

                  - Dengue Virus Vaccines & Therapeutics

                  - RSV Vaccines & Therapeutics

                  - Pseudomonar Aeruginosa Vaccines & Therapeutics

                  - Staphylococcus aureus Vaccines & Therapeutics

                  - Cancer Vaccines

                  - HIV Vaccines

                  - Hepatitis Vaccines

                  - Influenza Vaccines

                  - HPV Vaccines

                  - Anthrax Vaccines & Therapeutics

                  Examples of Other Popular Reports