Compilation of Board Games by Game Oz Makes It to the Headlines

The games from have regaled one and all for long. Now with the compilation of more than 100 board games, it is quite a handful that is worth the price and is also a great gift item.


Port Kembla, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Coral Springs, Florida, 6th July, 2013

The latest compilation of games from has raised the hopes of many gaming enthusiasts. Till date, people could buy singular games like Chinese Checker, Snakes and Ladders, Spoof Sticks, Solitaire and Dominoes. But this set has more than 100 classic games that one can enjoy with their families. The wide range of games makes it easy for people to engage kids, teenagers and adults at the same time. There is something for everybody and that is the beauty of this set.

There has always been a demand for interesting board games; and with this latest compilation anyone from the age of 4 to 84 can have a good time. The Marketing Head of spoke about this compilation. He mentioned that the intention behind this compilation is to cater to the needs of the entire family in one go. He added that normally a family would but a toy for a toddler, a bike for a kid, some video games for the teenagers and plan something for the adults. But this compilation of more than a hundred games sorts out all these thoughts. Another benefit of having these games around is turning a cold shoulder to the video games and the games on the iPad. Many parents are quite upset about the addiction these gadgets are causing to their kids. This game set invokes interest about the various traditional games and ensure that a person needs to use his brains and wit to be able to play them. Be it a summer barbecue, a lazy rainy afternoon or a winter noon when it is snowing heavily... all you need as some pretzels and this game set by your side to have quality time.

The Account Department Head sheds a different light on the entire situation. He said that while most people were analyzing the qualitative aspects of having the game set at home, there was also good news for those who wanted to save money. The most important point ne mentioned was that no shop would stock all these games at the same time so finding the games at one go was quite impossible. The next point was quite quantitative and he said that buying all these games would be quite expensive if each item had to be bought separately. But with the compilation from , the face of board games in Australia was about to take a new turn. This compilation is not only inexpensive, but is also available from their site at a very nominal rate. Thus one could also use it as a gift item for a birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, a well deserved win on the sports field, and a great annual school report. This option is not only lucrative for the child, but is also cost effective. You may have to pay $3.50 extra in case you opt for gift wrapping while you send it to the recipient's home directly. This set of games is a treat from all ages.

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