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Complete a Workout Story by Warming Up and Cooling Down


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- Books and television shows that end in cliffhangers are frustrating for all. We as a society hate leaving things open ended, but many who exercise regularly leave out essential parts of their routine – mainly the warm-up and a cool-down. If we compare a workout routine to a story, how can we leave off the beginning and the end?

Warm-ups seem to many like a waste of time. Why spend time walking gently or moving slower when jumping straight into high cardio can burn more calories in less time? There is a reason to spend time at a slower pace, and that reason is prevention of injury and proper warming of the muscles. With improved flexibility and better circulation, not only is the body more prepared for upcoming activity but the benefits of said activity can be enhanced for a more effective workout.

Warming up is especially important in cooler weather. In fact, some experts recommend increasing the time spent in this part of the workout phase. The body conserves energy in colder weather, and it does this by pulling warmth from the muscles. This warmth must be put back into them in order to prevent strains and pulls and maximize the effects of physical activity.

After a workout, the body is loose and the heart rate is up. If we stop activity without some kind of stretching or slow down, our heart rate has jumped drastically then slowed just as dramatically. This can put the cardiovascular system under strain, not to mention lead to injury in the muscles when they’re not stretched after being strained. Stretching helps reduce injury by easing out tension and increasing blood flow. It needn’t take an excessive amount of time, just a few minutes to slow the heart rate and decrease tension in the muscles that were used during activity.

Adding warm-up and cool-down exercises to regular workout routines will not only keep the body free from injury, but it will improve the overall effectiveness of the exercises and lead to faster results overall.

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