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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- Complete Currency Trader, the new Forex system from James Edwards hits the Forex market in the midst of global economical crisis. The system introduces a new strategy that will work for all Forex trader every time.

The Complete Currency Trader course includes several comprehensive modules dedicated to enhancing a traders market knowledge to the level held by professional traders. This covers everything from the history of foreign exchange; the structure of the market; the difference between brokers and dealers; the various participants and why and how they trade; liquidity; volatility; microstructure; order flow; price movements; mechanics; technical analysis; risk mitigation; reward maximization; probabilities; and even how to develop and run a serious forex trading business.

With this information, traders will be at a significant advantage and able to confidently participate alongside other seasoned professionals. The education provided in this course is the starting point which lays the foundation for genuine long term success.

The system has created a big talk in the Forex industry since the first free indicator was released to the public. There had been numerous comments and tweets all over the Forex side of internet about this indicator and its power. All the Forex blogs and forums are populated with updates of Complete Currency Trader and there are many exclusive blogs to provide reviews and update of Complete Currency Trader. On such website is providing reviews and a $500 Bonus on Complete Currency Trader.

Apart from the awesome comments from users and reviewers, the system has put a limit to its sales by the valuable price tag, which is not something that a mini scale Forex trader would like to pay for a trading system. But James says the system is worth the price and something that would help the customer double or triple their deposit could be even sold for a bigger price. He also adds that Complete Currency Trader is not a scam like the many ones out in the market that anyone could get for less than $200. When the price of Complete Currency Trader is creating confusion, a website has come up with a $500 discount bonus on Complete Currency Trader.

The full course of Complete Currency Trader will be released on 10th of this month. Will Complete Currency Trader become the ultimate Forex course? Will it work for everyone? The entire Forex community is waiting to know the answer.

About James Edwards
James Edwards is a former pro Forex hedge fund manager. James Edwards is an accomplished trader, fund manager and a great teacher and a mentor. While working as a fund manager, he developed his trading strategies.

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