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Complete Health Checkup – Choosing a Gold Standard Health Checkup Option Abroad Is Becoming a Norm

Going abroad for checking one’s health, especially when the overall health condition is good and one does not have any complaints, might not seem vital for some. However, with some hospitals abroad offering up to 70% cheaper health checkup packages than in the UK, more and more people are choosing to take a day off at work and go abroad for a complete health checkup.


Vilnius, Lithuania -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2016 -- The Complete Health Checkup package at Kardiolita Hospital in Vilnius, Lithuania, is an ideal option for patients who want to get an assessment of their current health status. The package includes heart health checks, blood and urine tests, MRI scans to check for any problem areas and to scan for any abnormalities, which may not cause any symptoms such as cysts and tumors, and specialist consultations.

Andrius Jonutis, the General Deputy Manager at Kardiolita Hospital, says: "This is a preventative health checkup package that can help to detect early signs of any health issues that patient may have been unaware of, and help take the right steps to prevent them worsening over time. The number of patients coming from other countries to Kardiolita Hospital for the Complete Health Checkup package is increasing tremendously each year, which is a good sign showing that our society is getting more aware and conscious, taking their health seriously." - says Andrius Jonutis.

Christine Sanders from Bristol, UK, says: "Following my thorough research, I chose Kardiolita Hospital as a market leader for health check-ups abroad, and I could not be happier with my decision. I did not need a GP referral and booked my visit on a Tuesday, for the coming Friday. I started on Friday morning, and in the afternoon, after going through all the tests and consultations, I discussed my health condition with a doctor, and had a flight back on the same evening. All this cost more than 2 times less than what I would have paid in the UK – cannot recommend Kardiolita Hospital enough."

For more information on what's included in the Complete Health Checkup package, visit http://www.treatmentinlithuania.co.uk/complete-health-checkup-package.

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