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Complete Hermetics Introduces Titanium Connectors


Santa Ana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- Well-designed hermetic products are crucial for industries like medical and military defense. Complete Hermetics, known for its high quality hermetically sealed tools, offers new titanium shell options for hermetic connectors.

An object that is correctly hermetically sealed is impervious to gasses, airtight, and appropriate for industries like medicine, aerospace, communication, technology and military defense. In fact, hermetic seals are crucial to daily operations in these fields. Complete Hermetics had developed a reputation for offering an array of uniquely customized hermetically sealed products, and the California-based company is thrilled to introduce a titanium shell option for their hermetic connectors.

Custom designed and built to withstand the toughest conditions, Complete Hermetics works closely with clients, from initial concept to final product, to deliver the highest quality hermetically sealed connectors, like those found at Options for shell configurations include circular or rectangular, among others, as well as a variety of material choices including Kovar, Inconel, stainless steels, cold rolled steels, and now titanium.

Titanium is often an appropriate choice for medical applications and is frequently seen in use for medical equipment and implants. Complete Hermetics is one of the few companies to offer a range of options for titanium connectors.

The choices for contact pins are almost as numerous as those for shells, and clients can select a standard finish of copper, gold, silver, bright tin, or electroless/electrolytic nickel plating. Complete Hermetics also maintains an extensive inventory of vacuum viewports, hermetic seals, and brazing and soldering services. The company is a leading online source for both the hermetic header, as seen at and the electrical feedthrough, viewable at

Complete Hermetics has the excellent quality inventory, customizable options, and time-tested experience to provide the very best hermetic products for the industries that need them most.

About Complete Hermetics
A Santa Ana-based business founded in 2002, Complete Hermetics specializes in innovative hermetic products for the energy, aerospace, transportation, communications and military defense industries. Complete Hermetics produces a wide range of tools, including hermetically sealed connectors, hermetic seals and feedthroughs, high vacuum viewports, and more.

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