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Complete Skin and Body Care Product Line Launch in the US

A new line of skin and body care is coming to the US from Israel’s Dead Sea. Goldi Dead Sea USA offers luxury skin care products that use the salts of the Dead Sea for excellent results.


Plantation, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- US consumers are finally going to have access to the mineral salts of Israel’s Dead Sea, thanks to the launch of Goldi Dead Sea USA. The products are made for both face and body and have been designed for a discerning audience that is used to the best quality products. Their launch in the US is an exciting opportunity for US consumers to enjoy the unique properties of Dead Sea products.

The Dead Sea has a staggering 29% salinity. The typical salinity of ocean water is 4%. This high salinity has resulted in a pretty inhospitable environment for sea plants and animals. This is where the name “The Dead Sea” comes from. However, the mineral salts in The Dead Sea have long been used for treating skin problems, improving skin tone, and removing impurities that can cause skin imperfections. The history of use goes back longer than memory and the salts naturally collect and dry on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Goldi Dead Sea USA uses the mineral salts from The Dead Sea in luxurious and effective products. Their line of body products include salt scrubs, body wash, and body butters. The full effect is to cleanse and purify the skin and then introduce suppleness once again with rich creams. The face products include scrubs, cleansing creams, and moisturizing creams as well as a unique Dry Sauna Mask and anti-wrinkle products. they also feature an eye cream, Pearl Mask and the Pure Revival Mud Mask. These products make up a complete and unique line of skin products that use Dead Sea salts to their greatest advantage.

About Goldi Dead Sea USA
For women and men who want to care for their skin, Dead Sea products are truly special. Goldi Dead Sea USA is a luxury face and body product company, operating for the first time in the US. They have worked with the scientific community to create truly effective beauty care products that help skin to be supple and retain that youthful glow. The scents are subtle and the products are light and effective.

The full line is now available on the Goldi Dead Sea USA website at

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