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Diet Doc Discloses Potential Risks and Complications of Weight Loss Surgery for Patients Who Are Considering Going Under the Knife to Lose Weight

Diet Doc’s medically guided diet plans offer a safe weight loss alternative for those who are desperate to lose weight and are considering weight loss surgery as their final option


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- Obesity, a complex and chronic disease, attributed to a combination of genetics and environmental factors, affects millions of Americans and is ranked second to smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. This gap is diminishing, however, with experts opining that obesity will overtake smoking in the near future. Although lifestyle modifications have demonstrated good short term results, those patients who lack a strong support system and an actual lifetime plan to manage their weight and, who revert to previous poor eating behaviors, will, undoubtedly regain the weight that they struggled to lose. For this reason, as many as 340,000 people worldwide have turned to weight loss surgery. And, while this may be a suitable method of weight loss for those who are unable to sustain their willpower and weight loss goals, like any surgery, weight loss surgery is accompanied by side effects, as well as intraoperative and postoperative risks. And, with the increase in weight loss surgery numbers, the risks will inevitably increase.

Perioperative complications of weight loss surgery, although rare, are life threatening and must be diagnosed and treated promptly. Many of the clinical signs and symptoms are subtle and can easily be overlooked by physicians, including blood clots, infection and bleeding. Late complications of weight loss surgery, although less life threatening, can be a diagnostic dilemma, requiring long term care.

Systemic and long term complications of weight loss surgery are the most common and occur in approximately 30% of cases and include chronic diarrhea, nutrient deficiencies, and gall bladder inflammation. GI ulcers occur in roughly 20% of cases post-surgery and can be a cause of chronic GI pain. Other long term systemic problems occur in 2-8% of cases and include hernias and bowel obstruction. Though less common when surgery is performed by competent surgeons, intraoperative and perioperative complications of weight loss surgery occur at a rate of 1-2% and include GI leaks, hemorrhages, thrombosis, and wound infection.

To qualify for weight loss surgery, patients must carry a clinical diagnosis of morbid obesity, must be at least 100 pounds overweight, have a BMI of 40 or more, and experience severe weight-related conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Eligible candidates must also have failed at weight loss after medically supervised dieting. So the question then becomes, what are the alternatives for those who obviously have no idea how to manage their body weight and now must suddenly shed excess weight in order to even qualify for weight loss surgery. Many have found the answer through Diet Doc's medically supervised weight loss programs. The irony, however, is that many, who have struggled a lifetime to lose weight, find so much success at Diet Doc, that they no longer need to expose themselves to the potential risks and complications of weight loss surgery.

And, while Diet Doc promises to guide all patients over the initial weight loss hurdles, to teach them how to choose healthier foods, to design meal and snack plans that leave them feeling full and satisfied, to offer only pure, prescription diet products that eliminate hunger, cravings and fatigue while attacking and flushing stored fat from the system, to allow all patients unlimited access to their expert staff and to monitor their progress throughout, they cannot promise overnight weight loss miracles. Losing weight requires dedication, commitment and desire. Diet Doc can, however, make the journey safer, faster and more comfortable.

And, because Diet Doc understands that many patients have allowed their weight to get out of control because they find it difficult and embarrassing to attend doctor offices and weight loss clinics, the company partnered with Telemedicine, enabling their patients to call or visit to complete a health questionnaire, consult online with a doctor, work closely with nutritional experts, schedule checkup calls and reorder prescription diet products, all without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Diet Doc has become a nationally recognized leader in the weight loss industry and encourages those who are desperate to improve their health and restore their figure to call today.

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