Joe Bragg Now Lets Customers Flexirent to Get the Latest Computer Hardware with No Money Down


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- Flexirenting has become a popular concept at a number of Australian and New Zealand computer retailers. Flexirenting allows users to access the latest computer hardware without investing thousands of dollars into a depreciating asset. Flexirenting is effectively a lease agreement that gives computer users better flexibility, better hardware, and easier maintenance at an affordable price.

Australian computer retailer recently revealed its Flexirent packages. now allows customers to access the computers and computer accessories they need at the home or the office. Flexirent can be used to lease higher-end desktop computer hardware, or something as simple as a printer or photocopier.

As a spokesperson for explains, Flexirenting comes with a number of unique advantages over the traditional method of purchasing computers:

“Computers and computer accessories are expensive. Instead of investing thousands of dollars into an asset that is only going to depreciate in value, we give personal and business users a better option: pay a low monthly rate in exchange for accessing any type of computer hardware. This hardware can be used for small businesses, or it can be used to play the latest and greatest PC games.”

At the, visitors can learn all about the Flexirent packages. Specifically, Flexirent packages come with a number of exclusive advantages over a standard leasing agreement, including 24 hour computer replacement if repairs are required as well as complete coverage against theft, loss, or accidental damage.

At the website, visitors will find a simple quote calculator that determines the cost of leasing popular types of computer equipment, including everything from powerful desktop computers to PC accessories. Terms range from 12 months to 36 months and a number of different Flexirent packages are available.

Once the Flexirent agreement is complete, customers have a number of options ahead of them:

“After 12, 24, or 36 months, customers can choose to swap that equipment in for better hardware, apply for a time extension, purchase the hardware from us at a discounted price, or return the equipment. The double time extension offer is particularly popular, since it allows users to make one more payment equal to a normal monthly payment in order to instantly double the length of the agreement.”

Whether needing a top-quality computer for a small business or simply wanting to play the latest PC games, aims to win over new customers with its Flexirenting plans. More information about all Flexirent packages and rentable equipment can be found at the website.

About is an Australian computer retailer that recently unveiled its selection of Flexirent packages. Flexirenting allows customers to access the latest computer equipment and accessories while paying a low monthly rate with no money down. For more information, please visit: