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Component Supply Company Advises S-50-HL Tygon Tubing Customers to Switch to ND100-65

New Non-DEHP formulation to replace discontinued product


Fort Meade, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- Industrial and scientific products distributors Component Supply Company is notifying all of their customers that use S-50-HL Tygon medical/surgical tubing that availability of the product is depleted, or nearly depleted for some sizes, and no more of the product is being manufactured. Instead, customers are advised to switch to the replacement product, ND100-65 Tygon tubing, which has comparable uses and specifications but does not contain DEHP.

DEHP is one of a group of organic compounds called phthalates that have been recently linked to health and environmental concerns, and as such Tygon and Component Supply Company have both moved away from manufacturing and distributing products that contain the compound. The new ND100-65 medical tubing is phthalate-free, safe for use in laboratory, pharmaceutical, medical and surgical procedures, and meets all FDA guidelines, ISO 10993 standards, and USP Class VI requirements.

Component Supply Company is dedicated to good environmental stewardship and is constantly striving to provide new better products to their customers. In addition to medical and surgical tubing they also supply Tygon ND100-80 which is the replacement for S-54-HL Microbore tubing, blunt needles, nylon mesh screens, and more. All of their products and services can be seen on their website,, and they can also be found online by “liking” them on Facebook, following them on Twitter, or connecting on LinkedIn. You can also speak with a Component Supply Store representative directly by calling (863) 738-0084 or visiting their offices in person at 1220 New Hope Road, Fort Meade, Florida 33841.

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Component Supply Company has been providing standard and specialty products to the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, electronics, automobile and other industries for over 50 years. They began their company by providing stainless steel hypodermic tubing and small diameter wire, and then branched into other niche technical products as they saw needs for them to be developed. Component Supply Company strives to provide the highest possible levels of customer service and conduct their business with the utmost in personal integrity.