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Component Supply Company Launches Informative Page for New Product

Site Offers Product Details, Manufacturing, and Supply Dates For Tygon S3 Tubing


Fort Meade, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Fort Meade, FL - Tubing and specialty industrial and scientific product distributors Component Supply Company is launching, a new web page to help inform customers about new Tygon ® S3 ™ Tubing.

The new phthalate-free formula flexible Lab and Medical tubing is a major step forward in terms of both consumer and environmental health, and as Component Supply Company found it important to launch the new website to answer any potential customer questions about all changes surrounding the product. In addition to adding the new brand, Tygon’s manufacturer, Saint Gobain Performance Plastics, is also discontinuing several of their other existing products due to their containing DEHP, a potentially harmful phthalate. The new site is designed to assist in the transition away from those old materials, making the shift as easy as possible for their customers.

About Component Supply Company
Component Supply Company has a history of being committed to the research and development of new products that meet evolving marketplace demands as new information becomes available and regulations are passed. In their 50-plus years in the supply business CSS has always provided the safest, highest quality products possible, including blunt needles, woven nylon mesh screens, Nitinol wire, and other items used in laboratories and by medical, pharmaceutical, and aerospace companies and the food and beverage industry.

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