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Component Supply Company Now Offering Phthalate-Free Tubing


Fort Meade, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- In an effort to reduce the presence of phthalates and eliminate DEHP all together, Component Supply Company has added new phthalate-free Tygon S3 E-3603 Laboratory Tubing to their product offerings roster.

Recently, there have been a number of concerns about the dangers of DEHP and other phthalates – a kind of organic compound found in many plastics that can leach into the liquids and substances that pass through or are contained by them. Several recent studies have established links between DEHP and other phthalates to cancer, obesity, heart disease, and other illnesses, and the FDA, OSHA, the EU, and other regulatory agencies have all established laws or recommendations involving phthalates. Tygon’s new S3 E-3603 tubing is a bio-based flexible tubing that is eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, and complies with all US and international regulations regarding acceptable phthalate levels. It is considered safe and sterile for food and beverage handling as well as all other consumer needs.

Component Supply Company has a record of providing the safest, highest quality products over their 50-plus years in the tubing supply business. They have been consistently committed to research and development, evolving in step with the state of the industries that use their products. In addition to hypodermic tubing, the Component Supply Store also distributes blunt needles, woven nylon mesh screens, Nitinol wire, and other products used in laboratories and by medical, pharmaceutical, and aerospace companies and the food and beverage industry.

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