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Component Supply Company Now Offers Lab Kit Assortments

New lab kit assortments give researchers and developers a selection of materials and sizes for testing


Fort Meade, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- Component Supply Company, a tubing and specialty products provider, now offers lab kit assortments to give researchers and developers a selection of materials and sizes for hypodermic tubing, blunt needles, nylon mesh, stainless steel wire, nylon tube fitting, and shrink tubing. The kits are customizable according to the customer’s needs, and replacement pieces are available for individual purchase.

Component Supply Company’s products further the development of technologies in the medical, aerospace, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, mining, and agricultural industries. The company specializes in the custom cutting and fabrication of stainless steel wire supplies, hypodermic tubing, and small-diameter wire as well as supplies standard lengths and custom cut-to-length pieces of plastic and rubber tubing. Other products include stainless steel machine screws, nylon mesh screen, PTFE Shrink tubing, and nitinol wire.

“At the core of our business is the custom cutting and de-burring of stainless steel hypodermic tubing and small-diameter wire as well as low-quantity sales of certified and lot-traceable materials and parts,” cofounder Phil Maffett said. Component Supply Company is highly skilled at tube cutting, wire cutting, tube and wire bending, tube beveling, and OD and ID deburring and cleaning.

In addition to hypodermic needle tubing and stainless steel wire, Component Supply Company supplies plastic tubing products, PTFE heat-shrink tubing, engineered specialty tubing, and telescoping brass and aluminum tubing. “As master distributors for many of our old product lines, we also provide specialty fasteners, blunt needles, and many other specialized parts,” Maffett said.

About Component Supply Company
Component Supply Company began as a unique business located in Miami Lakes, Florida, named Small Parts, Inc. Small Parts was founded by Dr. William P. Murphy in 1962 to supply colleagues in the biomechanical and biomedical industries. Small Parts was sold in 2006. In 2009, the company’s former management team returned to the custom parts business and launched Component Supply Company. “From our initial start-up, we have been enthusiastically welcomed back by many of our old customers and are again supplying many of the products that were so important to them,” said Maffett. Component Supply Company offers full- and part-time employment with flexible scheduling for the benefit of people in Christian ministry. “We view our business as our ministry, not our career,” said Maffett. Component Supply Company considers it a privilege to help employees support their families while allowing them the freedom to stay focused on what is important and eternal.

For more details about Component Supply Company and the new lab kit assortments, visit or call (863) 738 0084.