Component Supply Company

Component Supply Company Offers a Range of Flexible Tygon Tubing

The tubing is used for a variety of functions, ranging from beverages to fuel


Fort Meade, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- Component Supply Company’s inventory includes more than four different categories of Tygon tubing, which serve a variety of industries and businesses. The main types of tubing are beverage tubing, fuel tubing, lab tubing and microbore tubing.

Tygon beverage tubing is used to transfer drinks such as fruit juices, flavored teas, soft drinks, filtered bottled water and more, without altering the taste at all. By contrast, lab tubing is clear and non-oxidizing, making it good for handling all inorganic chemicals that are often used in labs.

“We aim to bring our clients the highest quality products available, and Tygon tubing is the strongest, most reliable product available for transferring fluids and chemicals in many industries,” a company spokesperson said. “We’ve worked to make a large inventory available for the convenience of our customers.”

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About Component Supply Company
Component Supply Company supplies industrial and scientific products to many different industries, including aerospace, medical, mining, agricultural, pharmaceutical, automotive and electronics. Their inventory ranges from specialty items like Hypodermic tubing kit, available in a range of wall sizes and gauge sizes, to rubber tubing, nylon mesh and blunt needles. With years of experience, Component Supply Company’s high skill level makes it ideal for any tube/wire cutting and bending. It also is extremely qualified for tube beveling, as well as ID/OD deburring and cleaning. The company continues to excel in the manufacture and supply of specialty products.