Component Supply Company

Component Supply Company Re-Launches Cutting and Fabrication Site

New website design makes shopping for tubing and specialty industrial and scientific products even easier


Fort Meade, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Tubing and specialty products provider Component Supply Company has re-launched its website, making shopping for cut and fabricated steel wire, hypodermic tubing, and small diameter wire an even better experience. The new site includes a product index that helps customers find what they need quickly.

Component Supply Company provides parts for several industries, from medical and pharmaceutical to automotive and aerospace. “We supply for big and small projects,” said cofounder Phil Maffett. “We never require a minimum order.” Researchers and developers rely on Component Supply Company for products like hypodermic tubing in a variety of gauge sizes and wall thickness, wire products with PTFE coatings, PTFE heat shrink tubing, Tygon Beverage tubing, and nylon mesh screen.

In addition to products, Component Supply Company offers a range of services, including custom cut-to-length hypodermic tubing, stainless steel wire, and music wire; bending and beveling for hypodermic tubing products; bending and forming stainless steel wire products; custom length of dispensing needles; and custom packaging and component kitting.

Component Supply Company is committed to being an employee-friendly company. It offers flexible scheduling to help employees support their families while leaving time for religious ministry. “Along with providing our customers the very best service we possibly can, we strive to conduct our business with the utmost personal integrity,” said Maffett. “We view our business as our ministry, not our career.”

About Component Supply Company
Founded by Dr. William P. Murphy in 1962 to supply colleagues in the biomechanical and biomedical industries, Component Supply Company began as a Miami Lakes, Fla., business named Small Parts, Inc. The company was sold in 2006, and in 2009 the company’s former management team re-launched Component Supply Company, returning to the custom parts business.

Component Supply Company specializes in the custom cutting and fabrication of stainless steel wire supplies, small diameter wire, and hypodermic tubing. It also supplies standard lengths and custom cut-to-length pieces of plastic and rubber tubing. Other products the company supplies include barbed fittings, blunt needles, heat-shrink tubing, hose clamps, miniature fasteners, and nylon mesh screen. For more details about Component Supply Company, visit or call (863) 738 0084.