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ComposiMold - New Re-Usable Mould Making Material Released


New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- People who are into crafts such as soap making, chocolate making, sculpting and other arts which require different moulds know that buying moulds for a new project can be expensive and many times a mould might go to waste after a few uses. Aldax Enterprises Pty Ltd owners of Aldax Arts and Crafts store and an online arts and crafts supplies web store now stocks a new re-useable Mould Making Material ComposiMold. According to their website:

“ComposiMold is a reusable mould making materials that works by melting and pouring. Many casts can be performed using the same mould. ComposiMold products can be melted and reused continuously to make different moulds without worrying about wasting mould making material. The more you use it, the more you save. Mistakes are easily fixed, and you can make moulds fast with no mixing or weighing.”

According to Aldax Arts and Crafts this is a great new product that will save craftspeople lot of money and time. According to product specification the mould making material can be used at least 35 times or more. The rubbery flexible resin has been crafted with environmental friendly materials making it safe for the earth and the people using it, the resin is entirely biodegradable.

Its unique moldable properties allow craftspeople to create uniquely shaped moulds, and allow them to explore their creativity, do experiments with different objects. In case this of an error or slipup the mould can be reheated and poured in to the desired shape. The ComposiMold is available in different varieties which after different intended purposes. It is also safe for kids 10 and up, the resin has very low toxicity.

How To Make A Mould?

The ComposiMold Resin can easily be heated in a microware or in a double boiler till it melts, users can cats a mould of any object they want by pouring the heated mould making material on the mater parts and the cast. After this step the material should be left to cool before use. The material can be reheated and reused time and time again for mould making and casting. With ComposiMold, users can cast in Plaster, Concrete, Plastics, Candle Wax, Soap or even create Edible Treat moulds.

The ComposiMold available at is highly cost effective because after its first use, every mould created through reheating can be considered free.

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