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Compounding Pharmacy Near Robertson Blvd. Provides Excellent Pharmaceutical Services


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2016 -- From the moment you walk into this Compounding Pharmacy, a technician is there to greet the patient and accommodate to any needs or medical concerns that the patient may have. The pharmacy's technicians and pharmacists are devoted to providing service and care at an exceedingly high level of professionalism. This helps with the uneasiness that patients may feel when dealing with medical issues and puts them in a state of comfort. This family-owned Compounding Pharmacy near Robertson Blvd is able to provide a more personal experience with each patient that a chain pharmacy may have difficulty doing.

This Compounding Pharmacy near Robertson Blvd goes above and beyond in order to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers. If for any reason a patient is not able to get to the pharmacy, free home deliveries are offered to the patient. This truly shows how committed the pharmacy is to provide the best customer service to its patients. They understand the importance of each customer receiving the right dosage of medication as well as receiving it at the right time.

In addition to providing exceptional care and service to its patients, this Compounding Pharmacy near Robertson Blvd. accepts all Rx plans. ABC Pharmacy of Beverly Hills continues to diminish any possibility of a patient not receiving the correct amount of medication, which eliminates the patient from falling into any medical risk. They ensure that any urgent need a patient may have is available to them at their fingertips.

About ABC Pharmacy of Beverly Hills
The reliable and valuable service provided by this Compounding Pharmacy near Robertson Blvd. makes them one of the top pharmacies in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

To obtain further information regarding the pharmacy, please visit or call 310-777-0052.

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Robert Richards
Company Name: ABC Pharmacy Of Beverly Hills
Phone Number: 310-777-0052
Address: Beverly Hills, CA 90211