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Comprehensive Employee Monitoring Software, Work Examiner, Now Available for a Free 30-Day Trial


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- EfficientLab LLC, the company behind the complete employee monitoring software Work Examiner, has recently announced that both editions of Work Examiner – Standard and Professional - can now be downloaded via their official website for a free 30-day trial.

The Work Examiner, http://www.workexaminer.com/, is capable of performing numerous tasks such as work time & attendance tracking, internet monitoring, filtering online content & applications, monitoring PC activities, keyboard & IM recording, email capturing and creating instant reports.

Aimed at improving employee productivity during office hours, the Work Examiner enables managers and HR professionals to evaluate employee PC activities in real-time. The software also acts as a filter to avoid vital company details and project information from leaking out.

Employee monitoring software might sound displeasing to many workers however recent studies have shown that employees spend a significant amount of work time chatting on IMs, visiting social networking sites, watching online videos, playing games and even visiting inappropriate websites. WorkExaminer.com shared the statistics that about 28% of web usage is non-work related and nearly 1 hour is spent daily by an average employee for entertainment purposes, which reflects the importance of monitoring work to evaluate employee performance.

With over 30+ web usage reports, which can instantly be created and scheduled to be sent via emails, the managers and the HR team can formulate strategies to increase the efficiency of the employees and save substantial costs to the company. Work Examiner’s simple interface allows the users to easily set up their own parameters in the software without any hassles.

Work Examiner works under 100% stealth and requires only a client module installed on the employees’ computer which will remain undetected. The client module can simply be installed via the admin’s system, eliminating the requirement of physically installing it on every employee’s PC. The software is much more than a simple internet and PC activity monitor as it also performs many crucial tasks such as blocking specific URLs, disabling usage of portable storage devices and ensuring safety of vital company files. The 30-day free trial of both editions of Work Examiner can be downloaded from the website, where in-depth details of the numerous functions of the software are shared as well.

About EfficientLab LLC
EfficientLab LLC is one of the leading companies that provides employee monitoring software to improve the overall efficiency of an organization. Currently the company is concentrating on offering their most popular software – Work Examiner, which comes in Standard and Professional editions. The Work Examiner is a comprehensive monitoring software which can control web usage, filter online content, monitor employee PC activity, track work time, filter applications and much more. Both editions of Work Examiner are available for a free 30-day trial, which can be downloaded directly from WorkExaminer.com.

For more information about Work Examiner Standard and Work Examiner Professional, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of workexaminer.com, please call at 1.800.470.9165 or email to andrew.tsvetkov@workexaminer.com.