Comprehensive Healthcare and Emergency Service Packages for Senior Citizens


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- In the plethora of insurance for senior citizens here comes a novel and ingenious way with which NRIs can show their parents that no matter where they are, they care. Parents are any child’s treasure, but miles away when these children sit, the welfare of their parents is one of the things that is lurking beneath all the success.

But now NRIs can put all the worries at rest by gifting their parents with door to door healthcare services of It has also collaborated with renowned path labs like Dr. Lal Path Labs, to ensure authenticity, accuracy and reliability for the patients and of the tests.

The master behind this innovative and sort after thought are the talented people Ishan Jha and Ajay Pal Singh. Graduated from NIT Jalandhar they were offered the similar opportunities to give wings to their careers and work abroad, like a lot of their classmates and colleagues.

Mr. Ishan Jha recollects that once while talking to his friend leaving for abroad noticed that his friend was ambivalent about his job in Germany. Upon asking his friend said that he was unnerved and distressed about leaving his parents behind. This incident sow the seed of, says Mr. Ishan. He also added, “Sometimes the fear of standing in long queues and waiting for long; senior citizens avoid going to doctors or for test. Thereby, inadvertently ignoring the health, this thought also keeps their kids jittery of the dire consequences that such ignorance might cause.”

As a result Mr. Ishan along with his partner, pondered and came up with this ground-breaking idea, and gave a reason of sigh for the NRIs. Now, parents of such NRIs, particularly of those who live in Delhi, can sit back in their rocking chairs whilst their health is carefully monitored by the top medical representatives of renowned hospitals. These elderly healthcare packages would surely help to save the time of these senior citizens from the arduous task of regular medical check-ups.

The at home medical check-up packages in Delhi cover almost all necessary healthcare/monitoring services; this is followed by comprehensive reports which are and shared with all parties involved. The most important and one of the fascinating benefits of this package is medical assistance at the time of emergency. With this they also make sure that the children abroad are also in loop of their parents well being. And if there is a hitch it can be discussed and a course of action can be delineated and executed.

When these medical tests for Delhi based senior citizens become popular, Ishan is confident that it would also deter the aging parents from procrastination their important appointments with doctor 0or for the test.

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UberHealth is a bridge connecting the elderly and their children abroad. A new ecosystem, where the children living far from their family will be in touch with their elderly parent's health status.

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