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Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- today announced the launch of their new information service, a first in the health care industry, where users will be able to access comprehensive information regarding medical assistants and the role they play in the community.

The website, which was launched to inform the public about the roles of medical assistants also lists the various specialties under which medical assistants function.

The website also serves as a resource center for graduates and students looking for their place in the medical industry and the information provided is poised to prepare them to make the right decisions concerning their lives and what they would prefer to pursue as a career. provides information for graduates from the time they start weighing their options to the time they are ready to commit to work. Some of the things considered include the demands of the working environment, the pace of the facility where they choose to work and the patient docket that they have to handle.

Clinical Medical Assistants are often the most engaged because of the tight schedules and the legislation and laws that show what they can and cannot do with their jobs.

Most of the duties usually involve patient care and other patient related duties. The clinical medical assistants also gather patient information and prepare patients for medical procedures and surgeries.

Administrative Medical Assistants do most of their work in the administrative department of health centers. The administrative medical assistants work to ensure that the paper work in the doctor’s office is correct and up-to-date for the normal running of health care facilities. Some of the processed paper work also involves insurance waiver and other documentation that must be submitted before the services are rendered.

Tasks that are included in the roles of the administrative medical assistant include monitoring billing services, following up on late payments and contact patients about their payment plans. On the other hand, specialized medical assistants often perform duties and functions that are specific to their practice needs. An example of this instance could be a specialized medical assistant to a surgeon.

Some of the tasks that one may be involved in may require assignee in preparing patients for certain types of surgeries. These different types of medical assistants point to the fact that for one to fit into other profession they have to check their personality and merge it with the right specialty. Other categories in the newly launched website include the salary guidelines of what many of the medical assistants make in the various specialties.

This also includes the benefits that are accrued to the medical assistants. The medical assistant salary guide on goes deep into the basis for which medical assistants are paid, usually based on work experience, responsibility, level of education and more.

The website also provides information of where to take a medical assistant class in various states across the United States. The course normally abbreviated as MA in medical lingo provides the information needed by the students to become a bridge between patients and doctors through the provision of clerical and clinical services.

The various routes to being a medical assistant are reviewed with the options of getting an associate degree being a favored option. With this program, students study different course material such as insurance process, medical coding, medical billing, phlebotomy and pharmacology.

A faster route may be taking the certification course that is normally done in junior colleges. These programs can be completed within a year and include classes such as anatomy and physiology, EKG testing and path physiology.

About is a website that provides the information that you need to learn about the roles and duties of medical assistants. The job description, salary and benefits and online programs and options for class provided give users the opportunity to learn about the profession and get the right information in case it is a career choice for them. To learn more about the service, please visit,

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