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Computer Forensics in the Name of Social Justice


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- Case & Point, which aims to serve indigent people who have been put on trial and lack the resources to utilize computer forensic evidence in their own defense, is pleased to announce that they have begun a campaign on Indiegogo.com to help raise funds to implement the initial infrastructure required to set up digital forensics lab. Case & Point is asking for $9,000 to obtain the necessary software and certain peripherals that are specific to digital forensics in a social justice cause.

Currently, there exists an inegalitarian paradigm within the justice system that favors the prosecution through its ubiquitous use of forensic evidence to convict and incarcerate defendants, while the defense itself often lacks the means and knowledge necessary to investigate and challenge the evidence being presented against them. Case & Point aims to redress the issue of inequality in the realm of digital forensics in the courtroom by providing the resources indigent people and their attorneys need to make a proper defense against a prosecution that often relies on electronic evidence to make convictions.

The services Case & Point provides will assist defendants and their attorneys in investigating and examining data on computers, cell phones, GPS devices and other solid-state media, which are collectively known as small scale digital devices (SSDDs). Case & Point promises to level the playing field between the prosecution and defense in the digital era, allowing thousands of people who are subject to the Justice System each year to receive more equitable treatment.

Case & Point is being developed by a highly qualified forensic expert with a Master's Degree Information Security and Assurance, and a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology; certifications in hacking forensic investigations (C-HFI), wireless security and several others; and experience working as a Military Police officer on a Drug Suppression Team (DST). The founder is currently employed as Information Assurance Analyst for a financial services company. Prior to gaining leverage in the Information Technology field, the founder was a social worker serving homeless people for the AB2034 program in California for the Homeless Outreach MultiService Effort (HOME Center).

Donors of $29 and more will receive an “I gave to the cause” gift pen or coffee tumbler and a hand-written thank you note describing the project from the founder and developer himself.

About Case & Point
Case & Point is a veteran owned and operated entity that seeks to balance the scales of justice for indigent people and their attorneys who lack the means to mount a proper defense against digital forensic evidence presented by the prosecution in the preservation of an adversarial justice system while maintaining individual rights. For more information, please visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/digital-forensics-lab-for-indigent-people.