Darren Meade

Business Executive Warns of a Computer Hacking Code Used by Online Reputation Management Companies, Could It Decide the Presidential Election?


Laguna Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2012 -- IMAGINE... You are the founder and operator of the most widely recognized online consumer advocacy website (RipoffReport.com) and that you discovered one day 1000's (thousands) of consumer complaint reports had been illegally removed from your private server system by a computer hacking code known as 'SQL injection.'

Next, after a thorough investigation, you conclusively identified and traced the offending code to a technology known as "The Cool Technique". You discover their attacks were part of a network of "online reputation management" enterprises that were partially launched into the public sector by two known convicted felons. Both of these individuals had pleaded guilty to a $20MM-plus bank fraud scheme known as 'Operation Lease Fleece.' These felons were continuing to work together with impunity and were employing aliases to obscure their criminal histories all while awaiting sentencing on a Federal bond program of "supervised released."

And, last but not least, that their supervising Central District of California authorities at both the US Attorney and the FBI offices, which were responsible for the supervision of these individuals behavior while outside custody, were explicitly and repeatedly notified of the details of this new criminal enterprise and took no action to prevent, and or mitigate the damage, to prevent the censorship of free-speech of consumers and victims world-wide.

Darren Meade, a CEO in 2010, identified the Online Reputation Management sector as an area of growth. Meade's efforts to reveal the dangers of ORM were recently featured on Fox News http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/01/20/google-cide-online-reputation-managers-can-wipe-from-web/

Meade was granted the opportunity to speak directly to the United States District Court Central District of California and address Honorable Cormac J Carney for No. SACR 07-00249-CJC at the sentencing hearing for the convicted felons mentioned. Meade provided details of the organizational structure of the ORM entities and a two-step process of coupling the creation and posting of online defamatory materials in a fee-for-service of removing of the content from online consumer advocacy websites. Meade's testimony provoked an order from the court for an evidentiary hearing to discover further details on Meade's information. However, the Court subsequently withdrew the order following the receipt of sealed information from the US Attorney's Office.

According to Meade he resigned in February 2010, after a company for which he was the CEO, had funds embezzled to purchase a hacking code which had been sold to the largest players in ORM for over the last four years.

Meade provided explicit details of this enterprise (including contracts, emails, and consensually recorded audio recordings of planning meetings) to the FBI and US Attorney divisions of the Santa Ana, California DOJ. No investigative action was taken.

"My testimony to the Court has now proven true; the code has been used to silence victims, and legitimate consumer complaints about fraudulent business practices, doctors practicing without proper training. Plans were made to even sway election results. It can be used to make content disappear on search engines and private web servers."

Meade said once he discovered the technology was hacking and what its implications were, he made it his mission to warn the public about the dangers this technology poses to free speech. He also understood the institutionalized repertoire of serial defamation, vexatious litigation, and death threats have all be leveled against him in a futile attempt to force him to retreat from his stated goal.

Meade also stated that Ripoff Report has reversed the hack and is now the only completely secure site impenetrable to hacker code that he is aware of. What else has been deleted from the internet outside of Ripoff Report that has never been restored? What is being censored from us in the search engines we use every day? My fear is all the other websites, forums and search engines are vulnerable and that they have moved into phase two, becoming king makers for the political party who pays them the most. I know this might sound like a conspiracy theory, until you understand the former political chairman associated with the group.

Those seeking more information may visit http://www.ripoffreport.com/organized-crime/google-cide-exposed/google-cide-exposed-by-the-man-01cd6.htm