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Computer Secrets: Confessions of a PC Tech - New Book Helps Layperson Solve 80% of All Computer Dilemmas.

With twenty five years of experience and over 30,000 fixed machines to his name, Ken Jaskulski knows a thing or two when it comes to computers. In his new ground-breaking book, Jaskulski prepares even the most technically-challenged to tackle, fix and conquer over 80% of all computer problems.


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- Let’s face it, a faulty computer can turn even the most calm and collected of individuals into instant ravenous beasts. With thousands of different problems and a seemingly endless list of solutions, matching the error to the fix is less than easy. However, one career computer store owner and tech is sending this school of thought to the Recycle Bin, for good.

Meet Ken Jaskulski, author of a life-saving new book and ebook– ‘Computer Secrets: Confessions of a PC Tech’. Both the author and his title expose computer troubleshooting and repair techniques that will help any novice (or experienced computer user) fix over 80% of all computer problems.

From re-installing Windows and removing viruses to optimizing machines and even recovering data; the book offers a wealth of information to lighten the stress load on any computer owner’s life.

“Each and every technique in the book has worked for me over the past twenty years and still works to this day,” says Jaskulski, who owns Second Source Computers in Wilmington, Delaware.

Aside from its stress-busting repair and troubleshooting remedies, the book offers so much more to make life’s mouse click a lot easier. For example, Jaskulski talks readers through sourcing the best free PC programs, getting free help, when NOT to use on-site computer services and even what questions should be asked to computer service departments prior to check-in.

“It’s essentially the book owner’s Bible, explaining how to use a computer more effectively and how to repair it when things go wrong. I dive into notebook-specific issues, social networking, online protection, Ebay, how to download any movie, the debate between repair and recycling and so much more,” Jaskulski adds.

Continuing, “This book will make all other how-to books completely unnecessary. All of the information is offered from an insider perspective, offering much more depth than the standard repair guide.”

To add to the book’s value, many of the techniques can be adapted to the diagnostics and repair of printers, PC tablets, iPads, cell phones, TVs and gaming consoles. Due to their versatility, the same techniques can be used to diagnose and get help with repairing non-computer equipment.

Critics are praising the book for doing what so many of its predecessors have failed to achieve; putting the power of computer use firmly in its owner’s hands. With the entire life-cycle of a machine available for easy reference, Computer Secrets is set to change the course of personal computing and computer service forever.

Topping off his offering, Jaskulski also provides a free troubleshooting program for downloading and on-going web-based assistance. Coupled with access to a pass worded “secrets” page, a steady stream of valuable information awaits all who purchase.

“In fact, this book commences an entire series of titles written by industry experts in which secrets will be shared. Each book will share tips and information that only those in the field would have known up until that point. Keep your eyes peeled, life is about to get a lot less stressful,” Jaskulski concludes.

Computer Secrets: Confessions of a PC Tech, published by Computer Operation Consultants, Inc., is available now from Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and selected local book stores.

For more information, please visit: http://secondsourcecomputers.com or http://www.pcwhispereronline.com

Further reviews can be found here: http://amzn.to/PM0LWU

About the Author: Ken Jaskulski
Ken Jaskulski owns Second Source Computers in Wilmington, DE. Ken has been diagnosing and fixing computers since 1988 and to date Ken's shops have diagnosed and fixed or replaced over 30,000. Ken produced Computers for Cowards in 1990 and wrote, directed and produced a 4-part mini-series "The PC Whisperer" which can be found on YouTube.

Ken also published Computers for Cowards back in 1996, a comprehensive computer training and troubleshooting VHS video and instruction manual. Ken also wrote and produced "The PCWhisperer Show" in concert with Carter's Family Photos. The PCWhisperer Show can be found on YouTube. When Ken isn't fixing computers, he is either playing basketball or training his daughter in tennis.