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Computer Repair Forum Rescued from the Hands of Spammers


Kailua Kona, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- announces that it's under new ownership. Once upon a time, was one of the most popular sites on the Internet for getting a question answered about computer repair problems. A few years ago the site was pretty much abandoned by its previous owners and became a playground for spammers. This drove away many long time users.

Entrepreneur Bruce Young and his partner purchased to revive it as a place where anyone at any skill level can go to get computer repair instruction and advice from other forum users. Bruce Young is Director of Marketing and Sales Manager for Computer Quest Inc, a computer repair and remote management firm on the island of Hawaii. He says of his purchase of, "I hope to make it again the go-to site for computer repair questions where you don't have to worry about being belittled for not knowing something. I worked 90% of my life in open source so the idea of giving my services away for free isn't really a new concept for me. There are a lot of other people like myself out there, professionals who are willing to donate some time to make peoples computer lives easier. Plus, we can all get a little attention for our own projects by helping out those on the site."

Do-It-Yourself building, upgrade and computer repair has been a characteristic of computer use since desktops began invading every home and office thirty years ago. Even smartphone users take matters into their own hands on occasion. Jailbreaking and unlocking are ways smartphone owners personally eliminate unwanted limitations on devices they own themselves. wants to become a place where people who want to perform their own repairs and upgrades can get advice or help when they are stuck, without having to drag their computer into the shop only to be informed that the DIY effort made things much worse. is free to use. Users can register by going to and clicking on the link in the login box.

About is a website which allows free access to a forum for posting and answering questions about computer repair problems. It is owned by Bruce Young. Bruce Young is a father, gamer, techy, developer, technician, blogger and Marketing Director of Computer Quest Inc. Some of his hobbies include robotics, SEO, and gardening and working on

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