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Comtrol Releases the IO-Link Master 4-EIP Industrial IO-Link Gateway

Comtrol Corporation releases the IO-Link Master 4-EIP IO-Link gateway for intelligent sensor connectivity - and goals of Industrie 4.0, or Industrial Internet of Things for global automation visibility.


New Brighton, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- Comtrol Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial device connectivity products and the official North American IO-Link Competency Center, today announced the release of the IO-Link Master 4-EIP for industrial sensor connectivity. Comtrol’s IO-Link Master combines the benefits of IO-Link sensor communication with EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP industrial Ethernet protocols. The IO-Link Master connects intelligent IO-Link sensors and actuators to the factory network while effectively shielding PLC programmers from IO-Link complexities. This results in simplified EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP interfaces, which decrease system development time and installation efforts.

“Comtrol is excited to extend its device communication expertise to digital IO sensors via the IO-Link standard. With our new IO-Link Master products, we can provide factory sensors a direct connection to ERP software systems such as SAP. This direct connection to SAP achieves the goals of Industrie 4.0, or Industrial Internet of Things, for global factory visibility,” says Bradford Beale, President of Comtrol, “Industrial sensor customers will also benefit from using our IO-Link Master due to Comtrol’s support for the widest variety of device manufacturers, whose sensors and actuators can be auto-recognized by our IO-Link Master.”

The IO-Link Master 4-EIP connects IO-Link sensors to EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus industrial networks, providing access to IO-Link sensor process, event, and service data. It features a rugged IP67 slim-line design incorporating M12 connectors with two Fast Ethernet ports for network connection and four IO-Link ports for IO-Link device connections. Comtrol’s IODD auto-recognition feature uses stored IO-Link sensor IODD files for automatic discovery and default configuration. The IO-Link Master 4-EIP is designed to provide a complete IO-Link gateway solution for EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP networks.

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